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Unban Appeal - Negativ9002

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BYOND Key: negativ9002

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: riqpleydagasd

Reason for Ban: Validhunting a ninja by running at them when they had a hostage in hands. This became a permanent ban because of the extensive background you have in regards to validhunting, including a permanent ban already.

Reason for Appeal: 

It has been a roughly a month since the ban was placed. At my previous appeal I believe I made it clear that I understand what I did wrong in that incident and would like to try and see if I could have this ban lifted as I have taken the advice from the moderators involved and reflected as to what had happend in the previous incident and the ones before that.

I have acknowledged as to why this is a returning pattern and now have a good idea as to how to prevent this from happening ever again.

Edited by Negativ900x
Modifying time since ban due to no reaction from staff. Weeks turn into a month
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Right, sorry.

So, I hope and believe you learned about this in the time you were gone, and I'll be lifting your ban.

Since you WERE permabanned for this reason before, and have many many other notes, if you get caught doing things alike this, you will receive an un-appealable permaban.


Application accepted.

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Thank you for responding and lifting the ban.

I will assure you that no further actions like the ones in my notes will be happening and completely acknowledge the un-appealable permaban would the same kind of actions happen again in the near and/or distant future.

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