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Player Mob Changes Get Rp Blurb

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
And despite the overwhelming consensus we see here, in-game results tend to swing the opposite way, so perhaps it's time to give everyone a little RP blurb when they're transformed to help them along with the transformation, namely by informing them that they should not be acting like crewmen for very long. I can buy that their memories would fade slowly, or they would think themselves a monster and run away for a while, but my "start an alien invasion" plot has been ruined many a time by individuals who, instead of taking advantage of the fact that they were an alien, decided instead to charge headlong at me and attempt to murder me.


Shamefully stolen from Evilbarge to get an official suggestion up.

Official suggestion in suggetion format:

Player mobs, when tranformed into that mob (IE when they become slimes) get a blurb that tells them how to act in this new form. When you become a slime person, you trigger the blurb. When you become an actual slime, you trigger the blurb.

Maybe staff of change triggers it; it might be spamtastic.

We need to stop:

1) Player-Slimes being taken into escape and everyone throwing a massive fucking riot over sec or Command freaking out and wanting it contained or killed because they got zero prior information on it being a former crew member, because everyone's chatting with it in the bar.

2) Crew member's transformed into an alien acting like their old selves with just "I'm so sad u guis :c" over it. No, you don't get to glomp me in anger when I angrily ask why you're not contained, then have a bunch of tajarans unleash battle cries and attack me when I grab a fire extinguisher.

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