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Idea Concept: Assisting Research With Modular Weapons


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I have played research many times and have constantly come across a problem once I have finished increasing the research levels. This problem has to do with one of the most under-utilized functions that research can play, coming up with interesting new designs. This is especially true when it comes to weapons prototypes and gets aggravating when there are two or three cargo bounties that cannot be filled because it is very difficult to figure out how to make a modular weapon with the required stats. The main issue here is the fact that we cannot tell what parts give what bonuses to what stats, and we cannot tell on our finished project what the stats are either.

What I am suggesting is one of two things. First and likely easiest, the wiki can be updated to include a table that shows the different parts and what stats they give to or take away from, allowing people to mix and match based on knowledge they can obtain. If that is not possible, my second suggestion may require a bit of working and coding, but it could make things more interesting. I suggest creating a Modular Weapon Analyzer. Not something anyone can carry around and abuse, but a machine you have to build similar to the anomaly analyzer where researchers can bring their weapons, scan them, and receive information on the stats that they have achieved. This brings the idea of research back into the picture, so those who want to feel like they are actually studying can say "Okay, I have a prototype with these parts. If I scan it, the machine says it has these stats. Therefore these parts must give these stats."

This would not only help researchers have more fun trying new combinations, but it also opens up more chances to make use of this aspect of R&D that currently seems to be like eyeballing things blind. I am sure other researcher RPers have taken the time and learned what makes good weapons, but they are not always around and cannot always impart their wisdom. I do not know how difficult it would be to implement either idea, but I wanted to submit it in case it had merit.

Thank you for your time in advance,

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