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[Declined] YoWalter97 Unathi Whitelist Application

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BYOND Key: YoWalter97 
Character Names: Rango Diisvar 
Species you are applying to play: Unathi 
What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Lime Green 
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes it is fresh in my mind
Why do you wish to play this specific race:
I love reptiles and I'm a huge xenophile.  I've spent the past few years of my life traveling to and living in different countries and continents.  I've enjoyed learning about and meeting people from different cultures and I would like to give that experience to other people who may not yet know or understand another culture, even if Unathi are fiction.  I've read the wiki pages for the other races as well, but the potentially rich and diverse Unathi culture catches my interest the most.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:  
Any human can be from a different culture, but races such as Unathi make this much more apparent in a more immediate and physical aspect.  Other members of my race will know at the sight of me that I am one of their kind and humans alike can be more prepared to interact with me. On top of this, people experienced with Unathi can more easily adapt to my customs even prior to meeting me.  Overall the physical differences allow for more culturally diverse characters without having to constantly butt heads with people (not in the Unathi way) in order to express their culture and allows for better plot development as a result.

Character Name: Wrango Diisvar
Wrango Diisvar spent the first years of his life in the salt-swamps of his homeland.  He began to take a strong liking to catering such as fixing food, drinks and hosting parties.  Unlike others, however, Wrango started putting a lot of his time and effort into his passion, planning for upcoming celebrations months ahead of time.  The Kaahnepo designated him elsewhere so he may quit his obsession, but this only gave Wrango thoughts of rebellion.  Other Unathi cultures took even less liking to his craft and so he had no choice but to remain with his clan as a shield man, something he had no interest in being a part of.  Years pass by and ties with neighboring clans begin to break, war is in the distant future, and Wrango is fearing for his life.  On a patrol through the swamps he smells the cooking of a small group of explorers camping along the waterside.  Humans, and fellow Unathi were enjoying a meal in the company of Skrell who ate in seclusion.  The Unathi explorers welcomed him to the campsite and all it took was the taste of a beef brisket entrée for Wrango to abandon his clan completely.  Wrango left with the travelers and abandoned his clothes and his boat on the water, trading it for a jumpsuit and a spaceship.  Perhaps his clan thought he was killed on patrol, but that did not matter to him.  For him this was a second chance, and as far as anyone was concerned, his clan was a group of successful traders and his family holds him on a pedestal.  He aspires to one day be a famous chef and enjoys all facets of the catering business like tending to the bar, growing food, decorating, and houskeeping.  
What do you like about this character?  
I like how even though Wrango made life choices very different from my own, I can still identify with him and picture him being a very real character.  I also like the idea that someone can give them self their own first name, and that he is able to pursue his passion through a career.  My favorite thing about Wrango is he knows that the diverse cultures and characters of Nanotrasen crew is tough to deal with, but he is still willing to be a part of it in order to follow his dreams.
How would you rate your role-playing ability? 
My ability to stay in character is superb as I've yet to be upset at this game and I always disable OOC chat.  My strong point in RP is knowing when and where to apply my character as not to slow down or divert the evolving character plots that constantly surround me.  My outside experience in RP is I worked for a year at medieval times and I LARP every weekend.
Notes:  I want him to be about 30-35 years old as that is about the mental age equivalent to myself in human years as I am not really comfortable RPing someone supposedly smarter or wiser than my actual self.  If you need anything about the character changed to be more consistent with the server that is fine with me as this is just a rough layout and its not personal.

Edited by Marlon Phoenix

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Hello! Thank you for your application. I had some questions on your character's background.

1) What religion do they follow? How does the teachings of their faith make them feel, if anything, about what they did?

2) Does he feel no attachment at all to his people, or the bonds he had before he abandoned them?

3) Where are these swamps you mentioned?

4) What was his Clan's primary way of living? Were they a noble clan? Were they part of a guild; were they commonfolk who worked the land of a Lord?

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