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And three days late he rose from the dead.

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Well, I thick its been five days since Ive last been on here, OR the game, right? Yeah, thats my bad, I guess. Remember that thread I made about Skyrim? Yeah, that happened, Skyrim consumed my life for a bit, reading about other people playing other ways, and I wanted to try being a mage. Almost a week later and Im the Archmage with a dragon mask, two homes, three thaneships, and seven dragon souls in reserve. So, Im sure you've all heard this before, blah blah, sorry, blah blah, Ill be around, blah. Yeah, again, sorry about that.

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Yeah, talking about games can usually get you in the mood to play them, that's how it goes. Now worries, just as long you're back ;)

Try RPing, though, some mods and stuff. I usually download the reworks of the guild quests, so the progression is slower.

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