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Incident Report - Jaylor Rameau

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Reporting Personnel:Remi Gay

Rank of Reporting Personnel:Security Officer

Personnel Involved:Jaylor Rameau

Time of Incident: APROX 1330HRS - StationTime

Location of Incident:NSS Aurora, Holding Block, Cell One

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____

Overview of the Incident:Mister Rameau had verbally berated me several times during his detainment. He had made several threats mentioning friends of his, as well as verbally insulted my character and made several remarks that I did not find professional. Given his background as an ex-pirate, I do not find him suitable for employment among the company, more-so given the fact that he was detained for failing to relinquish custody of an Energy Pistol he had taken from cryogenic storage. Upon detainment, I performed a search on him, and discovered a knife, as well as a flash. These are considered weapons, as well as contraband and were therefore confiscated. Below I have enclosed a transcript of the beginning incident that I collected without Mister Rameau's knowledge.

Evidence of the incident


[00:00] Recording started.

[01:35] Remi Gay says, "You should have just put the weapon down, Jaylor."

[01:55] Jaylor Rameau asks, "What, y'playin' good cop bad cop now?"

[02:07] Jaylor Rameau asks, "Gonna tell me how we coulda avoided a li'l misunderstandin' an' all that bullshit?"

[02:08] Remi Gay says, "No. I'm telling you how you could have avoided time in a cell."

[02:09] Jaylor Rameau says, "Fuck you."

[02:30] Jaylor Rameau says, "I'll be tellin' you how y'could've avoided a lotta pain, after I have a chat wit' IA."

[02:52] Remi Gay says, "And I'm sure the known pirate who was in possession of lethal weapons will handle this nicely."

[02:53] Remi Gay asks, "Yes?"

[03:14] Jaylor Rameau says, "Nah, th' head of personnel 'at owes me their life will."

[03:39] Remi Gay asks, "What if I tell them about your quote-unquote friends?"

[03:54] Jaylor Rameau asks, "Who'd y'think I was talkin' about, eh?"

[04:00] Remi Gay says, "Not exactly sure."

[04:05] Jaylor Rameau says, "They know me, they know wha' I do."

[04:11] Remi Gay says, "I can't imagine a guy like you having any friends, to be honest."

[04:24] Jaylor Rameau says, "Jus' goes t' show how little y'know 'bout people."

[04:38] Remi Gay asks, "Guessing they're your pirate buddies?"

[04:45] Remi Gay asks, "Or what. Some other form of undesirable?"

[04:53] Jaylor Rameau says, "Nah, good people 'round the station. Actions, not words. Talk sweet all y'want to, but th' fact of th' matter is y'stuffed me in a cell."

[04:59] Jaylor Rameau says, "Me? I help people when they're down an' out."

[05:09] Remi Gay says, "You also refuse to co-operate with security, it seems."

[05:16] Remi Gay says, "More-so when you believe you're entitled."

[05:25] Jaylor Rameau says, "Refusin' to cooperate wit' a corrupt li'l shit who wanted t' keep a pistol for 'emselves."

[05:33] Remi Gay asks, "Did I keep it for myself?"

[05:41] Jaylor Rameau says, "Nah. Cause I fuckin' announced it."

[05:43] Remi Gay says, "Sleep safe, Jade."

[05:48] Jaylor Rameau says, "An' who knows what you'll do when I'm done 'ere."

[05:51] Remi Gay says, "Believe what you want."

[05:57] Remi Gay says, "I'm not the criminal."

[05:57] Jaylor Rameau says, "Actions, not words."

[06:05] Jaylor Rameau says, "Pfeh, yer more of a criminal than I am."

[06:10] Remi Gay says, "I guess."

[06:25] Jaylor Rameau asks, "Runnin' around thinkin' you own the goddamn place, thinkin' you can judge people jus' 'cause they don't take your bullshit?"

[06:29] Jaylor Rameau says, "Tha's wha's criminal."

[06:39] Remi Gay says, "I didn't act like I owned the place at all, sir."

[06:49] Jaylor Rameau says, "Peepin' on records an' spoutin' shit whenever y'feel like it? The fuck you didn't."

[06:59] Remi Gay says, "Uh-huh."

[07:21] Jaylor Rameau says, "Bet yer not clean either, an' my good buddies? They'll help me find out."

[07:40] Remi Gay says, "I bet they will, sir."

[07:56] Jaylor Rameau says, "Y'bet yer /ass/ they will."

[08:38] Remi Gay says, "I brought Jaylor in."

[08:43] Remi Gay says, "He's in Cell One right now."

[08:59] Remi Gay says, "He snagged the Energy Pistol the Head of Personnel comes with from Cryo."

[09:06] Remi Gay says, "And had a knife and a flash on his person."

[09:17] Remi Gay says, "Got him in for resisting and contraband."

[09:41] Remi Gay asks, "Eight minutes left, right?"

[09:51] Remi Gay says, "Yeah. Eight minutes."

[14:12] Remi Gay asks, "Mister Miller. Can you come to the brig, please?"

[14:20] Remi Gay says, "Or whenever you're free."

[14:30] Remi Gay says, "I'm turning the pistol over to the Head of Personnel."

[14:42] Jaylor Rameau asks, "Are you still fuckin' talkin'?"

[14:46] Remi Gay says, "Yeah. I am."

[14:55] Jaylor Rameau says, "Fuckin' Space Jesus lemme enjoy my fuckin' cigs in peace wit'out hearin' your fuckin' whiny-ass voice."

[14:58] Jaylor Rameau says, "God damn."

[17:17] Remi Gay says, "When your timer is up, you're free to go."

[17:33] Remi Gay says, "Please retrieve your items from the locker and exit the brig when you're able."

[17:33] Jaylor Rameau asks, "No shit. Yer not gonna add more time to it like a parking meter or somethin'?"

[17:43] Remi Gay says, "If you give me a reason to, I will, sir."

[18:04] Jaylor Rameau says, "Nosy li'l shit, lookin' through my bag."

[18:12] Remi Gay asks, "Mister Miller, did you hear my last hail?"

[18:43] Jaylor Rameau says, "Read this while yer at it."

[18:51] Jaylor Rameau says, "Obviously y'haven't."

[18:56] Remi Gay asks, "Mister Miller?"

[19:10] Remi Gay asks, "Mister Miller. Are you active, sir?"

[19:20] Recording stopped.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?:Conway Miller, Head of Personnel. Ryu'daken Mo'Taki, Head of Security. Charlie Dove, Chief Medical Officer.

Additional notes:

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