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NT navy blockade breached at NSS Daedalus.

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This is reporter Shaun Trensen, with this incredible documentary on a recent event, that happened in the Tau Ceti system. Details about the location is classified.

We managed to reach Duty Officer Michael Hellier, he gave us brief imformation about the event.

-"We have set up a military blockade at NSS Daedalus with two NT navy vessels. The Artificial Intelligence unit was reprogrammed

to Contain everyone and everything at the station. An unidentified craft jumped out of bluespace and the two navy vessels were

sent to engage it, but before they managed to get comms with it, it re-entered bluespace and NSS Daedalus was destroyed."

This was the official report we seemed to have but we planned to investigate this incident.

We searched for witnesses of the incident, then after a few months we recieved a letter with a video footage.

All faces, names and designation were removed from the video, as well as the audio.

(( Mind the formatting and the names, i was lazy to format in notepad... ))

(( This is to give you a general feeling of this situation, this was pasted straight from the logs ))

[13:28:06]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : THIS IS THE SMUGGLER SHIP HARLEQUIN

[13:28:13]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : Come on.

[13:28:20]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : WE HAVE DOCKED AT THE NORTh-EAST SIDE OF THE STATION

[13:28:33]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : I HAVE SENT MY MEN ABOARD TO HELP YOU EVACUATE

[13:28:49]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : All officers regroup at the brig. I think we ought to move out.

[13:28:50]SAY: Eobard Thawne/Crailek : I don't believe you, Harlequin.

[13:28:52]WHISPER: Tina Kaekel/Tainavaa : Did you hear that?

[13:28:52]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : We have a 4 minute window until CC navy vessels lock on us

[13:29:08]SAY: Lobsang/Tenenza : This station is under quarintine, no one is to exit this station until

it is lifted

[13:29:09]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : On me.

[13:29:11]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : Go, go.

[13:29:24]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : NSS AURORA, i repeat, this is the smuggler

ship harlequin. We have a 4 minute window...SO MOVE YOUR ASSES!

[13:29:26]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : Break though.

[13:29:31]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : Stick with us, officer.

[13:29:32]SAY: Dandy Mann/Jboy2000000 : Where north east?

[13:29:40]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : CHAPEL is directly below us, my men should be waiting there.

[13:29:41]SAY: Matthew Connor/death776 : Airlock is open here

[13:29:48]SAY: Ike Plexico/ffrances : Breaching, boss.

[13:29:49]WHISPER: Tina Kaekel/Tainavaa : Do you have a wrench?

[13:29:58]WHISPER: Dugald Erskine/YankeeNick : What if we hide in the Storage Units..?


As you can hear the chatter, there were chaos all over the place. We still don't know what exactly happened only, that this ship seems to be the unidentified craft NT was talking about. We can see the interior of this ship as the four people get out of the airlock and head towards the station, to save the people on it, as they say...

Let's see what else we have got....


[13:30:16]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : Shit, presssing the button actually worked?

[13:30:30]SAY: Eobard Thawne/Crailek : Hey

[13:30:30]SAY: Ronald Brindle/Woothie : Avery?

[13:30:32]SAY: Dugald Erskine/YankeeNick : Not operational!

[13:30:35]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : That was just a crapshoot.

[13:30:39]SAY: Tina Kaekel/Tainavaa : Oh god!

[13:30:45]SAY: Horatio Swabey/Governor123 : I am lost! Where are you?

[13:30:48]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : Let's go secure the area and see if this is true.

[13:30:51]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : To arrivals, then?

[13:30:51]SAY: Tina Kaekel/Tainavaa : No no no..

[13:30:52]SAY: Saul Matthews/Genam : Alright, stay put for now.

[13:30:54]SAY: Dugald Erskine/YankeeNick : OI, UGLY!

[13:30:55]SAY: Ike Plexico/ffrances : We seem to be in some sort of... command center...

[13:30:59]SAY: Saul Matthews/Genam : Might want to run on internals, just in case.

[13:31:00]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : Come on, people.

[13:31:01]SAY: Ike Plexico/ffrances : Very low-tech... must've had budget cuts...

[13:31:03]SAY: Dugald Erskine/YankeeNick : COME AND GET IT!

[13:31:06]SAY: Eobard Thawne/Crailek : Got plenty of food soon

[13:31:09]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : Hmph.

[13:31:13]SAY: Matthew Connor/death776 : Hmm

[13:31:16]SAY: CoolfoolFTW/(alien drone (140)) : We can go around.

[13:31:23]SAY: Matthew Connor/death776 : Arrivals then

[13:31:24]OOC: (LOCAL) alien drone (140)/CoolfoolFTW : I already did witt

[13:31:26]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : Bullshit.

[13:31:26]SAY: Ronald Brindle/Woothie : Look, move down to engineering and find somewhere to hide.

[13:31:29]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : ...is this place arrivals?

[13:31:32]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : Thought as much.


In this part we can see the boarding party reaching the station, with intercepted communications from the station.

Let's move farther into the footage...





Unidentified craft detected.

Quarantine violation in effect.

NMV Paladin moving to engage.

Other measures to be taken.


This is the part where NT notices the unidentified vessel, long minutes after they arrived. So they really did

bypass the blockade it seems...


[13:35:54]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : We're moving, with the cre-

[13:35:54]SAY: Ike Plexico/ffrances : On our way.

[13:35:57]SAY: Tina Kaekel/Tainavaa : GO!

[13:35:57]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : Oh, shit.

[13:35:58]SAY: Leonard Mcintosh/HoboHorse : GOD FUCKING DAMMIT

[13:36:01]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : Open this up.

[13:36:01]SAY: Desmond Feufer/Thedude222000 : The fuck

[13:36:02]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : ASAP.

[13:36:04]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : Double-time!

[13:36:14]SAY: Desmond Feufer/Thedude222000 : You got to be fucking kidding me

[13:36:17]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : Move, move!

[13:36:22]SAY: Desmond Feufer/Thedude222000 : Assholes

[13:36:25]SAY: Max Zimmer/Longbow40 : Well fuck

[13:36:31]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : Come on, move your arses!¬

[13:36:34]SAY: Max Zimmer/Longbow40 : Well fuck


The audio chatter speaks for itself, this small rescue-mission was a chaos. The helmet cameras of all four "saviors" are in the video-feed. One stayed on the ship, coordinating the others. The rest tried to get as many people as they can. They managed

to get two people with them, roles still unknown. As they rush their way back to where they came from, a cyborg stops one of them

with a stunbaton. - This proves that NT really did upload something to the AI - the next few moments are blurry, but you can

see purple goo on the floor and walls, where they are in. No further information about this.

But here comes the troubling part:

Dispatch of naval strike teams stalled.

Station designated for biological purging.


Biological purging? What the hell happened on that station!

Soon after this we can hear an automated announcement, stating "Code-Delta is in effect"

The lights flicker, everything is lit with red light.


[13:44:17]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : What the fuck is going on!

[13:44:20]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : There should be more.

[13:44:23]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : Let's hurry the hell up.

[13:44:25]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : We're getting tanks!

[13:44:27]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : We dont have time!

[13:44:35]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : HURRY THE FUCK UP!

[13:44:49]SAY: Ike Plexico/ffrances : Come on, hurry!

[13:45:00]EMOTE: Eobard Thawne/Crailek : Eobard Thawne screams!

[13:45:14]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : Shiiiiit.

[13:45:16]SAY: Horatio Swabey/Governor123 : MY GAS

[13:45:36]SAY: Ike Plexico/ffrances : This way!

[13:45:37]ADMIN: MOD: Sound Scopes/(Bluespace Technician) : You have 2 minutes

[13:45:47]SAY: Horatio Swabey/Governor123 : HELPPP

[13:45:47]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : You fucking idiot!

[13:45:49]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : Two minutes!

[13:45:50]SAY: Avery Dawkins/Doomberg : Where to?

[13:46:00]SAY: Horatio Swabey/Governor123 : HELP MEEE

[13:46:30]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : One minute!!!!

[13:46:41]SAY: Horatio Swabey/Governor123 : Take me with you please


Another announcement here:

NMV Paladin en-route to commence follow-up duties.

We thank you for your sacrifice.


40 seconds

[13:47:02]OOC: Ike Plexico : The ships gonna blow

[13:47:04]SAY: Ronald Brindle/Woothie : I mean, we're going to die soon, but yeah.

[13:47:06]SAY: Horatio Swabey/Governor123 : Thanks god for saving me

[13:47:13]SAY: Ike Plexico/ffrances : Nice shot.

[13:47:15]SAY: Eobard Thawne/Crailek : Fucking... NT...


[13:47:21]SAY: Valentina Logue/Ftw552 : Get to my office!


[13:47:27]SAY: Horatio Swabey/Governor123 : NO!

[13:47:28]SAY: Gerald Huchkins/vikingpingvin : ALl in?

[13:47:33]SAY: Horatio Swabey/Governor123 : I AM HERE

[13:47:41]SAY: Ike Plexico/ffrances : Affirmative


[13:47:43]SAY: Cody Hunt/runningwithscissors : MOBVE!

[13:47:43]SAY: Lobsang/Tenenza : Goodbye

[13:47:44]OOC: Gerald Huchkins : YEAHHHH BOY

[13:47:44]SAY: Ike Plexico/ffrances : Clear, clear!


In these last seconds of the footage you can see the two crewmembers and all boarding personnel get into the ship...but one.

The ship re-enters bluespace, but the one missing the launch stays floating at space, facing the station. Two seconds later

multiple huge explosions can be seen at te station, then the feed is cut.

This is what we could find out about this incident, we tried to reach the one who sent us this mail, but were unable.

Why was biological purging neccesary? Maybe we will never find out, until it is too late...

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