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The Jawdat Family, and the "Family"

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Current family wealth:

680,000 credits

All Jawdat employees have an insurance policy up to 50,000 credits. This covers kidnapping, medical expenses, legal fees, and or life insurance payment to indicated next-of-kin.

Property Holdings

Winter’s Bounty - Restaurant, one in Biesel. Isilithai Uaekis is the manager of the Biesel Winter’s Bounty in Lowell City.

Lotus Apartments - they own a single apartment building in the capital city, which they live in.


First Generation Jawdats

Nadya Jawdat / Hharar / Born 2389 [Deceased: 2429]

Female; married to Jalal, changing name from Terek. Died in a terrorist mortar attack on their village.

Jalal Jawdat / Zhan-Khazan / Born 2387 [Deceased: 2429]

Male; married to Nadya. Died in a terrorist mortar attack on their village.

Fayiz Jawdat / Zhan-Khazan / born 2388 [incapable]

Male brother to Jalal. Fought in the Great War and took the 5 children of Jalal and Nadya to care for in the capital when they died. Currently lives in the same apartment, with nearly all expenses paid for by his nieces and nephews due to his PTSD and inability to care for himself. A Jawdat is always at the apartment to care for him.


Second Generation Jawdats - Hharar

Houssam Jawdat / born 2422 - Jackboot

Male, 34

Family Head, Head of Personnel

Nazih Jawdat / born 2426 - Letzshake

Male, 30

Working for Doctorate, works civilian jobs or chemistry.

Buthaynah Jawdat / born 2427 - Jackboot

Female, 29

Recently graduated with a masters in Criminal Investigation. Detective, CSI in training.

Aeijia Jawdat / born 2427 - Spiffyfishface

Male, 29

Graduated with a Major in Medical and minor in Botany. Likes Ambrosia. Tries to hide it from his family. So far, only Houssam knows.

Samiya Jawdat / born 2428 - Aqy

Female, 28

Recently promoted roboticist. Has an affinity for mechs.


Jawdat Family Associates and Retainers (Off the books)



Flint Mahnke / Bartender - BeeGee0904

A bartender kept on retinue to keep a passive eye on conversations and other such things that pass into his bar for the Jawdat family, and giving them information that could be useful.

Paid on a case by case basis, usually 300 credits for ‘useful’ info.

Jaylor Rameau / Informer - EvilBrage

Hired after being temporarily conscripted during infiltration of the NSS Aurora by raiders with an unknown purpose. His history and skills were noted, and he remains on retainer for the Jawdat family on an irregular basis. He uses his contacts in the galactic underground to keep Houssam updated on events in this underworld, but may soon be paid to do some muscle work…

Victor Kaipov / Security Guard -TechnoKat

Hired by Houssam to guard the Winter’s Bounty restaurant on Biesel on a semi-regular basis, he kicks out or roughs up thugs, gangsters, or angry drunks who try to trash the fine establishment. He also helps keep an ear on the security department of the Aurora

Mark Sulien / Smuggler - Thesu353

Hired for his keen eyes and light fingers, Mark has joined the family and helps them move things quietly when needed, and keeps his eyes out for any news that would be interesting to Houssam.

Apophis Quihtzin / Bodyguard - Kingmatt

Kept on retinue to protect Fayiz and the apartment complex in general in the capital city of Ahdomai while Houssam and Buthaynah are both working for Nanotrasen. He is a personal friend to Houssam.

Integra Langley / Consigliere (Book-keeper) -TishinaStalker

Legal aide and attorney that looks after the ‘books’ and financial records of the Jawdat family. When necessary, she is able to get her hands dirty.

Bryce Faust / Partner - Hackie Mhan

Jawdat Investigations - works with Buthaynah in a PI business off station after Buthaynah worked as a partner to Bryce on the Aurora.


The 'Public' workers


Jo'Zah Saani / Chef - Biesel - Firstact

Works as another chef for Winter’s Bounty on Biesel.

Cylia Tuvies / Baker -Biesel - Enkas

One of Houssam’s favourite bakers, plucked from the kitchen on Aurora and put to work making delicious cheesecakes in Winter’s Bounty.

Telakuz Quihtzin / Accountant - Kingmatt

Works as an accountant for both Winter's Bounty restaurants, managing their funds and financial records.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


Becoming a worker's union has been, in short, total lamesauce boring. Worst change to a persistent storyline I've made. Not anyone's fault; there was just little interest for it.

SooOOooOOOOooOOoo I'll be reactivating the meowfia, since that was what people were intrested in.

The basics

Houssam operates a small but growing criminal enterprise. It revolves mainly around white collar crimes, but primarily: information. Used in blackmail, bribes, or general espionage... It's fun to turn the general station gossip and drama into weapons in of themselves.

The important rules

- unless you are antag pls don't murder in canon rounds, pls pls. Not without like, so much rp. just so much.

- If you join, there's a sense of loyalty you have to have. Everyone was a good sport about this last time, so I'll continue to trust that "lol betrayal" won't just up and happen out of the blue. It can still be fun, but c'mon, rp it out. "Be a good sport" is the big thing here.

The sexy benefits of being in Jawdat employment

- You get to use the pun "Meowfia"

- Learn the art of the twerk.

- You get to quote The Godfather while breakin' knees with plasteel bats.

The actual benefits

- Houssam has an (up to) 50,000 credit insurance policy for his employees in such things. It covers kidnapping, medical bills, legal fees, and "operational costs". This is to do quite a few things, to give loyalty, give antags an interesting dynamic... We'll see where it goes.

- Connections. Even though everything's shifted away, there's still favours and other such things that can be called in.

- Proper corruption rp, where it's fun. We've seen a demand for this and a backlash against general psychotics and [security], so this could be a breakthrough.

- Antag opportunities! While it's very low-key during normal rounds, the fact in itself that this all exists gives antags all sorts of fun ways to react/involve themselves in it. Non-antags too! I remember the last time I was big with this, the IA department had a field day.

If you're interested in joining, here's an application I thought would address all the things I'd need to know about a character.


[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Does s/he have a criminal history?[/b]
[b]Why does s/he want to join/what can she provide? (Looking primarily for people that can: smuggle, espionage, courier[/b]
[b]What is the capital of Washington state?[/b]

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