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Improving slime core extraction a bit

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From what I originally thought was a bug, any item used by a human-type mob on a slime has a 25% chance to miss entirely, which is essentially a free 'dodge'. However, this presents some issues when extracting slime cores, as you have that 25% chance of failing to cut open a slime in the xenobio surgery steps.

My suggestion is to apply a check for whether the slime is alive or deceased, if the slime is deceased, then the 25% dodge effect will not apply when a scalpel or circular saw is used on it.

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It may be annoying but surgery is not a 100% guarantee, there are things thet go wrong on even dead thing.

and it's a Slime, those things would be a little harder to cut than a solid human body.

I think 75% success is good.

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