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Reporting Personnel: Samantha Mason

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Chief Medical Officer

Personnel Involved: Allison Kingsbury, Lily Has're, Phoebe Essel, Martin Anderson

Time of Incident: 1210-1230 hours

Location of Incident: Chemistry

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [x]Misconduct [x]Other Underqualified for Position

Overview of the Incident:

The incident was a series of events. Ms. Kingsbury was in the lab, and because of her long hair it got caught in the blender, which caused her head and face to be fractured severely. After she was patched up and back in work, she was creating plenty of pills to put into the fridge, which I told her to put in bottles for proper storage. After she refused to, I said, "No, you're going to put them in bottles", she told me I couldn't tell her what to do in her lab and to leave chemistry. I had called security and told her once more to follow my directives and she refused, and started to ignore me when I was trying to speak to her. She was removed from chemistry and demoted for the entire shift following this report. While doing investigative work on her credentials, I had found she is 25 years old and has absolutely no experience in chemistry. During the shift, she came back to medical and called me a "cow" and "I took everything away from her.", despite her refusing to follow the simplest directives of "put things in bottle, please."

During this incident, Dr. Martin Anderson was defending Ms. Kingsbury. On further review, these two are 'lovers', and always defend each other before work. During Ms. Kingsbury escort, he threw a first-aid kit at the officer.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: Since I was the only head of staff on board at the time and that no Captain nor IAA agent had came aboard, I waited until I had to time to do a formal complaint here.

Additional notes:

Documents attached below of records in question.




((Due to having a heart to heart talk, I am dropping this case. I had informed Witt.))

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Dear Samantha,

Upon reading this report, it is my regrettable news to tell you that I will be resigning my position of Chief Medical Officer upon the NSS Aurora.

I have worked many shifts with Allison. Over this period, I did not once check her qualifications or her age. As the head of the medical department, it was my responsibility to oversee this and my failure to do so has resulted in the above incident report. I believe my behaviour to be a neglect of duty and I now relinquish my position within the command staff on Aurora.

I believe that my conduct has been without a doubt, unacceptable and that i have been compromised emotionally.

I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Hopefully we see each other again if I ever sign another contract with Nano Transen.

Kind regards

Charlie Dove

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Greetings to all employees reading this.

The question of Kingsbury's qualifications have been brought to me before, especially because of their employment records. Despite having missing records, I've yet to see a reason why this person is considered unqualified educationally if they are able to produce all of the needed medicines.

However, I understand that while they fit the age group, they have displayed a behavior not fitting it. Remember yourself when/if you were fresh from college, I have no doubt you needed time to settle into your work enviroment. I support measures taken by miss Mason, but would still like to remind you that sometimes restraint is a valid option, as talking to the hot-headed personnel is preferable to try and order them around.

Kind regards,

Elena Raschnikova.

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Dear Ms. Raschnikova,

Her qualifications were brought up because clearly she had lacked them in her records, and behaviour as she demonstrated the other day. I felt as the incident needed to be written up because of what was stated in the initial report.

It is quite alarming you are seemingly standing up for someone who had not only ignored the order Head of Staff but insulted them, but would allow a 25 year old with no applicable degree from accredited school, or knowledge of safety in the lab, as demonstrated by how Ms. Kingsbury's skull got fractured because her hair got entangled. She creates 10 unit pills with 3 or 4 different medications in it. The mixture of many medicine into one pill dilutes it, which in turn deliver a weak product to patients which is hard for doctors to measure because of incorrect dosages. As we were all freshmen in college, I do not see this as a case of "youth will be youth", but rather something that needs to be nipped in the bud before it blossoms over and over again. Tell me, if someone told you to get out of your ruling department, how would you react? Surely, you would write a report yourself about the person, or demote them especially if they were not listening to you.

For someone who had seen wave after wave of inscrutable chemists and pharmacists through the chemistry department, it is my opinion Ms. Kingsbury is one that needs to be audited.


S.L.Mason, PhD, PharmaM.

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Dear Dr. Mason,

I meant no offense in my prior statement, as your opinion is the one that carries more waight on this matter as the superior in the field in question. My statement comes from my personal opinion and circumstantial lack of details about the depth of the subject's incompetance. Again, I support the measures that were put into effect, but given the new details you've provided it seems that harsher ones might be required.


LL.M. Raschnikova.

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