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Real life spess man appreciation thread

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This thread is for all you who still have childlike wonder when it comes to astronauts

I'm going now gush over my favorite (definitely a generic one, so please forgive me),

Chris Hadfield, former commander of the ISS




I first began to idolize chris back in 2012, when he first became commander of the ISS. He, along with the rest of the crew at the time, started to upload really cool videos to the CSA (Canadian Space Agency) youtube channel (just google chris hadfield CSA) about questions I didn't even know I had about life aboard the ISS.


So, how did he even gain my respect more?


By making the cover of Space Oddity you've no doubt heard, which is, to my knowledge, the first music video recorded in space.


The video recieved Bowie's stamp of approval, by the way.


So that's my real life spess man crush, share yours!

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