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Chanterelle's Unathi Whitelist Application

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BYOND Key: Chanterelle

Character Names: May Hawthorne, Trucy Faraday, Yureka Trevils, SIENA, NubIA, AMbIENCE

How long have you been playing on Aurora: For roughly 3 to 4 months maybe more?

Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Pale Gray or another Pale color associated with Unathi

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, and the Baystation 12 Wiki as well.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

As Unathi are a rather primitive race in comparison to humans, Skrell, and possibly even the Tajaran, I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to Roleplay a female Unathi having escaped Moghes and the horribly unbalanced gender inequality issues in their culture. It presents a unique angle to Roleplay since the character would likely still have a shadow of that mindset where Unathi females are still considered property and struggle to adjust to living a more independent lifestyle, not to mention the hardships she might have to face trying to establish herself elsewhere.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

The culture, the physiology, and their mindset. It's an interesting opportunity to be able to think and act like they do versus how free humans are by comparison. Especially when you throw some very turbulent marital and familial problems into the mix. How would a female running away from an unhappy marriage be viewed? Even going a step further and avoiding the 'Guwandi' ritualistic suicide? With their strict honor based hierarchical society, this could be the ultimate slap in the face for her husband if she wished to wound him in a non-physical way. So much more complicated than a simple human divorce!

Why does this species in particular hold your interest?

Specifically their gender inequality issues and how their females are treated. While I'm sure most females live comfortably with their mates/husband, there would probably be a fairly high percentage of those living unhappily or in an even worse situation. Though the likelihood of them running away or abandoning such relationships would be very slim due their strict honor code. I wanted to see how other Unathi would view a female that has willingly ran away and manage to escape a very unpleasant situation through Roleplay.[/hr]


Character Name: Usara Miharil

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Born (or hatched) in the Moghean year 2433, Usara is the second youngest of three sisters by 2 minutes. Her clan lives in one of the larger settlements situated in the Northern Hemisphere and closer to the Northern Pole. She enjoyed an average childhood, or what can be deemed as average for an Unathi female. Learning what would be expected of her and the duties she would eventually be responsible for when it came time for her own marriage and eventual motherhood from her Mother Zoura and other clan females.

Usara was the first of the three sisters to marry after coming of age, having caught the attentions of a strong Unathi soldier named Chuna Jaraleet. Usara's father Utatul, being a former military man himself, needed little convincing and the marriage was easily arranged. Things went well at the beginning, Usara relocated to Chuna's family settlement to begin her life as a married Unathi, and was fairly content. The trouble began with Chani, Usara's controlling mother-in-law. Chani was not convinced that Usara was a capable wife or mother and seemed to be bitterly jealous of her. The two females began to squabble, and the conflict eventually spread to Chuna who, siding with his mother, punished Usara. Things continued to escalate over the following years and became not only verbal, but physically abusive. Usara desperately tried to contact her family and to see them, but her efforts were always thwarted by Chani.

Things finally came to a head when Usara laid her first egg. She had only been able to produce one, possibly due to the stressful environment. Once it had been laid, the egg was no longer hers as Chani immediately tried to take it from her. In the scuffle, the egg broke. Chani blamed Usara and once again Chuna sided with his mother. Usara endured extensive beatings as punishment for bringing great shame upon their family. This proved to be the breaking point. No longer able to endure the violence, Usara considered becoming a 'Guwandi," the mantle and ritualistic suicide an Unathi takes part in when it is either mortally wounded or can no longer live with pride. However, another opportunity presented itself during her consideration. One of exile similar to the 'Guwandi', but a possible new beginning. A journey to one of the interstellar colonies beyond the stars. Deciding that this would be her course of action, Usara gathered two of her most cherished belongings and left one night when everyone was asleep. Fleeing into the wilderness in pursuit of the Unathi preparing to travel off planet. She found herself in Biesel after stowing away aboard the ship.

Her life in Mendell City was difficult. Having nothing to start with, Usara had to resort to scavenging for a time just to survive and eventually she was able to eek out a simple living in one of the poorer slums. For money, she had to do some rather unsavory things in the beginning, but things would eventually improve through some of her new found connections and she eventually managed to get a job with Nanotrasen which is where we find her in the present.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

Modestly I'd consider my roleplaying a 6/10 or perhaps a 7/10 on a good day.

Notes: Usara is an extremely thin Unathi and has a lighter scale pigment. These two factors make it difficult for her to retain heat in colder environments, and she will sometimes sun herself or layer up to keep warm.

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Chanterelle's roleplay has always been great to my recollection, I think they'd do great as a unathi, and it'd be awesome to see more Unathi around, especially those piloted by decent RPers. +1

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