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Incident Report - The Collect/ASIMOV

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Reporting Personnel:Nasir Khayyam

Rank of Reporting Personnel:Chief Engineer

Personnel Involved: (Anyone involved in the incident and their rank at the time of the incident) The Collect(ASIMOV), Scientist

Time of Incident: (If unable to provide, leave blank) 1300

Location of Incident: Toxins

Nature of Incident: [x]Workplace Hazard [x]Accident/Injury [x]Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault []Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: (General description of the incident, to include as much detail as is deemed necessary)

The Collect arrived at his department, requesting a suit cooling unit to perform a test on the toxins test site. Due to their position as a toxins researcher, he did not consider this unusual. Previously he has been requested to provide suits (atmospheric) for toxins researchers and has approved on a by-case basis.

At 1300, an explosion of large size destroyed the toxins range. Shortly after he was informed by the AI and an engineer that IPC "The Collect" had detonated a plasma warhead at point blank range. Destroying its body and risking its positronic core.

For that reason, he is making the aforementioned report and requesting immediate inquiry into the ability of The Collect to act in the science division as a toxins researcher.


Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: (Name and rank) Klaus Lux, Captain. Additional Direct Fax to Central Command

Additional notes: (If there are none simply leave it blank)

Upon later inquiry to the positronic brain of the IPC in question, the test was determined to be a test of the ability for tanks and canisters to hold a combination of superheated plasma and oxygen, as opposed to a classic bomb. In addition, said positronic brain was later placed into an Odysseus mech and permitted to assist medical after a the captain and Nasir spoke with the roboticist and the ex-IPC regarding their current status and rights as a free platform.

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Gregory Freeman, Robotocist on duty at that time. I just think it needs to be said that according to the statements made repeatedly by ASIMOV/The Collect after the incident, this was purely a workplace accident. I'm not disputing anything that was said otherwise, but the will of the positronic brain to live was truly remarkable in my experience, and in my opinion, the Neglect of Duty charge may be a bit out-of-line given the volatile nature of the Toxins Department and the frequency of accidents reported with that particular department. I daresay there isn't anyone working that department you hasn't at one time accidentally destroyed a part of the station. Further, I'd like to point out that this incident took place on the bomb range, a structure specifically designed for this sort of activity, and that any damage that resulted is to be expected given the intended purpose of that area.


Gregory Freeman

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Dr. Freeman,

He has levied the Neglect of Duty charge due to the nature of the experiment. The chassis in question had stated that it was aware that its actions would have resulted in severe damage to itself as well as possible destruction of its core. Yes, toxins has a well-known track record for accidents. It is perhaps the most repaired location of the station due to accidental detonations and release of super-heated gas into the mixing room. That said, any researcher that willfully performs an experiment that may result in their own death or destruction is indeed worthy of facing a Neglect of Duty charge. None of our staff are expected to willfully place themselves in harms way in the course of their work, and research is not exempt from this. He strongly regrets he did not question the unit more closely when they had requested the suit cooling unit in the first place, as he feels he could have prevented this gross violation of protocol and workplace safety procedures. It was not an accident that ASMIOV was destroyed by this experiment, but a willful and informed action performed by the researcher. Its nature as an IPC does not diminish the self-destructive nature of its actions.

Be safe,

Nasir Khayyam


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