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Unathi woes

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I can't help but notice that our Unathi lore page is kinda lacking compared to the Bay counterpart. The other "Big Three" aliens are about equally compensated with information, but Unathi still misses some key things that should really be there for character creation.


  • There's no mention of any religions. I think Bay had like 4 main beliefs. Are we gonna port those over or does the lore team intend to make their own?


  • Something ALL the other races have, minus Unathi (on both Bay and ours) is a conversion for Moghian years to human years. I think Bay mentioned the life expectancy of a Unathi in Moghes is 70 years. 70 Terran years? 70 Moghian years? How many human years is a Moghian year anyways?


That's basically what I have right now in regards to the subject. If anyone could answer these, I would be most grateful.

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Religion was left intentionally blank because we wish for players to create there own, but you are welcome to post your own or fallow a bay one.

As for the Moghien year, the lore does hint at the year being 400 earth days, and I do plan to add this to our wiki page officially when I get time,

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