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Lab assistant wanted

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((Saw Blues and thought that it looked awesome, so I'm doing it. Good artists borrow, great artists steal.))

You see a note tacked to the message board outside the HoP's office. How long has that been there, you wonder.

To whom it may concern,

His name is Fel'siti Rummka'nen and he is a xenobiologist and roboticist aboard the NSS Aurora. His work has become excessive and it gets lonely down in xeno by himself. He is looking for an assistant to train in either or both off these areas, depending on their interest. He would like a sociable person who can hold conversation and would prefer them with least basic medical training.

He has been told that he can be a hard teacher but all of his pupils have always said they were better at their jobs because of his training.

Please leave a note below with their race, gender, interest and experience. He thanks.


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Doctor Varick, after knocking over a few wines and still not remotely drunk yet, notices the little sticky note glued, stuck, and stapled to the message board. She chuckles after noticing this minor detail, and reads the message.

She processes the words in her head and shrugs a bit, and tacks on her own note below it, written in fine black ink...

In response to: To whom it may concern

Hi. My name is Doctor Talia Varick, I am also a xenobiologist aboard the NSS Aurora, though I have a professional degree in xenobiology. Though I wouldn't go so far as to say I have much else to learn given my expertise, perhaps we could collaborate sometime? I'm currently writing a thesis on the general properties of slimes and their breeds.

I have first aid training and I was an EMS for a year and a half. I know how to mix certain beneficial chemicals, so if needed, I can cook up tricord for you.

I'm 41, and a female human.

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Lionan thought it strange that someone used the message board at all. He thought they were for show, or something. But this note interested him, unexpected as it was.

A minute later, the board has another note on it.

Also in response: to whom it may concern

Dr. Lionan Haotyr at your service. Possibly? Hopefully.

I also have a degree in xenobiology, as well as a lot of experience in handling the slimes. (Not fun to do alone, that.) Additionally, I've been dong tests on the properties of various slime cores, so we all could work together if you'd like.

I can definitely hold a conversation with someone, but my sense of humor is a little 'different', you could say. I'll try to keep it in check, though.

I'm pretty young, at 23, and a male human.

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((For example, my father is a tax accountant and lawyer. He belongs to the National Tax and Accounting Association (NTAA) and the Law Society. Both of them give him discounts on CPD (continuing professional development) for coursesĀ runĀ or sponsored by then, help network people in the same line of work and have their own forms of tribunal when someone does something that the association does not agree with, sort of like accountability process.

An idea might be to have an association of Xenobiologists that are apart from NT but NT sponsors them. Is this making any sense?))

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