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Mendell Millionaires - The Godswood Stalker

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While viewing the news on your terminal, the screen suddenly flashes up with the latest story





Alexandria Godswood, better known as Emma Godswood on Biesel and NanoTrasen facilities, was MURDERED in her Estate, located in the country side of Biesel. The remainder of her family, Amelia, Jaime and Lyra Godswood, were all kidnapped, leaving the Estate staff to look after the Estate by themselves.

Police are currently investigating heavily, Madam Godswood was a very high-profile target, sources say, as she had a total of 47 Million credits in savings. hidden away in multiple banks across the universe.

How these intruders managed to overpower her private security team of six, highly trained individuals is unknown, as is how they got the location of the Godswood Estate, as it was a closely guarded secret to protect the riches lying within the Manor.

Further more, apparently an email was sent out to select individuals who were friends of the Godswoods, we have however, yet to be given access to this email, but if we receive it we will be sure to share it.

Now that the Godswood Estate's location has been made public by police, journalists are arriving in droves to try and get in, the Mendell Police have set up a 24/7 guard of the Estate.

Our reporter was able to get this picture of the Manor house!



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  • 4 weeks later...

Mendell City - BREAKING, the body of Amelia Godswood was found disposed of in an alleyway in southern Mendell this week, leading Mendell PD to believe that the remainder of the kidnapped Godswood's may be dead, or soon to be killed. Police quickly cordoned off the area, and have refused to comment.

Mendell PD have also been unable to accurately give a description of the killers yet, however, they do have reason to believe that a group of individuals that call themselves the 'Orchid Society' is connected . While information on them is scarce, we do know that the Orchid Society is a group of wealthy citizens from all over the Sol Alliance, that frequently meet somewhere on Biesel.

Anyone with more information on the Orchid Society is asked to contact us, as well as the Mendell PD.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mendell City -

Mendell PD have discovered the body of Lyra Godswood today, she was found dead on the bank of a river in a small rural area south of Mendell, police say that the cause of death was a bullet to the head, rather than drowning. This is the second body found after the Godswood Estate was raided and the family kidnapped, the killers have yet to make any demands, and authorities are unsure if Jaime Godswood, the last Godswood alive, will make it out of the situation alive.

Furthermore, the Mendell PD have confirmed that a group known as the 'Orchid Society' is somehow connected to the kidnapping, the extent of their involvement in the crime however is still unknown. Police are asking that anyone with knowledge of the Orchid Society, or anyone who knows one of their members, come forward immediately.

the rest of the update is filled with ads for premium sofas and electronics,

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NSS Odin -

BREAKING, Tier 1 Captain Niklaus Lux, employee for NanoTrasen Corporate Conglomerate has been arrested by Republic of Biesel Federal police on the NSS Odin, he was apprehended in the lobby, and was detained without any violence or resistance, Mr. Lux refused to comment on the matter, but Mr. Lux's attorneys did tell us that the arrest was baseless and no crimes have been committed.

Police said that Lux is a suspect in the disappearance of the Godswood Family, being connected to her through the Mendell Millionaires Alumni Club, and also having been one of the few people to have the Godswood Estate's address. When asked whether it's believed that Mr. Lux is related to the 'Orchid Society' authorities refused to offer any comment.

Please stay posted.

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Mendell City -

Suspect Released From Custody: Niklaus Lux, suspect in the Godswood murders was released three hours ago from the Mendell PD Headquarters, our reporters were unable to get a comment from Lux himself, but his lawyer was able to tell us that 'the authorities lacked enough credible information to legally keep Mr. Lux detained for longer than they already had without possible repercussions' .

Upon exiting the HQ, Lux quickly entered a white limousine with his lawyer and personal assistant, and drove off, a police cruiser escorted them away as far as the Spaceport, but our reporters quickly lost the vehicles in the busy traffic of Mendell.

With Lux's release, many people are asking, who really did kill the Godswood family? Could the other wealthy families of Tau Ceti be targets? We'll keep the public updated on this matter as the story progresses.

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The Mendell Millionaires have recently obtained a copy of the final message that murder victim, Emma Godswood, ever sent to anyone. We warn you, it is graphic, and not for the feint of heart Due to censorship reasons, we can not put this on air, but you can watch the web-exclusive below,


To: -Multiple emails are listed, this is a mass-message-

From: GodswoodSoGood@CCMail.nt

Subject: The Estate Invite

Video Message Received:

You see Emma Godswood on the screen, she is smiling, and looks rather healthy, except her face is splotched with patches of dirt

"Hello! Sorry for my present appearance, I'm afraid that I was helping the Groundskeepers tend to the garden today, they just don't know how to treat my hydrangeas properly! Anyways, this same message is being sent to all those who were invited, I apologise that I dont have time to personally reply to you all! But, I have some things to clear up!

Firstly, my disease, while terminal, and incurable, it presents barely any symptoms, besides occasional intense burning sensations in my lower abdomen, extreme migraines, and occasional bleeding from the eyes! Doctors have told me I have up to 16 months to live... So I plan to make the most of it with the few friends, and acquaintances I have.

Secondly, the invites. I have invited 26 people in total, 24 so far have accepted my invitations. Those invited are either considered friends of the Estate, my other family members, or myself, even if I have only spoken to your once or twice, I fear I have few friends, and I do not wish to die alone.

Thirdly, all transport to the Estate is being handled by me, just EMAIL me your address and I can send a shuttle-limo or possibly a helicopter over if required, everything is being payed my MOIS, no worries!

Fourthly, accommodations, everyone will be treated to the be-"

There is abrupt gunfire in the background, and a screeching alarm goes off, Emma's face blanches, she wastes no time running to her closet, and opening it to reveal a shotgun, she grabs the gun, and pumps it swiftly, and turns her back to the camera, facing the door. More gunfire is heard, and a man's scream manages to penetrate the bullet-fire.

Suddenly, the lights in the room go out, Emma is barely visible, standing in the pale light, gun trained on the door, she does not break her stance. A few seconds go by, before the door literally flies off its hinges, Emma only managing to avoid it by jumping out of the way. A man enters, his face is covered by a balaclava, and his figure is barely visible in the little light Emma's computer is giving off. The man moves to the side of the room where Emma jumped, and you hear a sharp, female scream come from off screen followed by a large thud. The room is silently for a second before Emma's face reappears in front of the screen, her forehead is cut, and her face bruised, blood is trickling from her eye,

"This is Alexandria Emelia Petrova Marquisa Orlay Godswood, Head of the Godswood Estate, and heir to the 45 million credit fortune of her parents. She is for all intents in purposes, deceased as of this moment" a gruff male voice says, although her remains unseen.

"This is E- - Emma G- g- Godswood... I leave all of my worldly possessions to Jamine Godswood, my adopted sister... And I... -Emma closes her eyes for a moment, as a few tears trickle out, before opening them again- Would like to say goodbye... To everyone who was ever my friend... I loved you all so dearly... And to Roy Wyatt, I love you, you childish bastard..." Emma chokes out, blood starting to drip from her right eye.

A hand comes around from behind Emma's face, and covers her mouth, a few more bloody tears trickle down her face, the frame freezes on this, but you are able to hear her being dragged across the floor, and can make out the sounds of a struggle, and then you hear a sharp SNAP, which is followed by a large thump

"Message send." The male voice echoes through the darkness.




You don't know what you have just watched... But the frozen image of Emma's face is still on your screen, haunting you.

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  • 1 month later...



Niklaus Ryan Nox has been arrested by the Biesel Federal Police once again! This time for the murder of Jamie, Lyra and Amelia Godswood. Police say they received an anonymous drop-off of a phone recording, where apparently Mr. Nox openly admitted to having hired armed mercenaries to raid Madam Alexandria Godswood's Estate, in an attempt to make a power play within the secret organization known as the 'Orchid Society' . Police say that Nox was not alone in this attempt, and they are currently scouring Tau Ceti for the mercenaries that committed the horrendous acts. Nox has been transferred to the Biesel Space Penitentiary (seen above) for his crimes.

In another startling reveal, police produced Alexandria Godswood from their HQ following the detainment of Nox. Authorities say after recovering the corpse of the late Amelia Godswood, they were able to combine enough genetic data to replace the damaged cells in Alexandria's corpse for cloning, completely bypassing the genetic defect that prevented initial cloning attempts. Madam Godswood has been cloned for over three-weeks now, and has been officially released and confirmed to be mentally sound by Dr. Axerby of the Biesel Institute of Psychology and Psychiatry.

NanoTrasen Officials says that Alexandria will be returning to work today, and they will be making an effort to ensure her transition back into work is comfortable.

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  • 4 weeks later...



Emma Godswood has now been released from police protection for over two months, and according to statements made by her secretary, she has returned to work with NanoTrasen in their Internal Affairs Department. She has been seen leaving her Estate on her off-days with her legal entourage, after having followed her, our reporters said she took a transit shuttle to the Biesel Space Penitentiary. What business could she have visiting the prison that holds her killer? We'll be asking this question and MORE, in our upcoming interview with the Madam herself! Tune in next time!

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Madam Godswood was recently see exiting Biesel Robotics Manufacturing Plant 15 with four IPC units in tow. What does she intend to do with these robots? Rumors suggest that she intends to have the IPCs refitted to appear like her deceased siblings, but these are as of yet, unconfirmed.

Biesel Robotics refused to comment, as did Godswood's PR secretary.

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  • 2 months later...


Today, we had a heartfelt chat with Esa Godswood (seen above), cousin of infamous Emma Godswood. She shared with us the news that her dear cousin has passed once more from our world, this chance without the possibility of cloning. According to Madam Esa, Godswood had been born with a neurodegenerative disease that was slowly killing her, but being held back by treatment, the cloning used to bring her back, while restoring her life, amplified the diseases progression by what would be 10 years without treatment, this resulted in rapid-cell death and the eventual mental degradation.

Esa has, as next of kin to the late Emma Godswood, inherited the Godswood Estate, as well as all of Emma's worldly possessions, including four IPC created and modeled after her deceased cousins, something Esa described as Emma's 'dying wish' . There is one for each sibling, but the only one active outside the estate itself is said to be Emma's duplicate, known as Godsbot. According to a NanoTrasen Representative, the IPC works with in the Internal Affairs Department, and has been filling the empty space left by Emma's loss quite well.

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