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Godswood Death Game (UPDATED-APR15)

Guest XanderDox

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So basically, as the Godswood murder mystery progresses, with some IC and Forum IC information and events taking place, the information will be put up here in an OOC fashion, as sort of a game, you guys get to play Detective! The first person to be able to answer all of these questions will receive a prize! (No idea what yet, or when you'll get it, but it will happen!) Some of these questions have multiple answers, and I'm just interested in seeing what people come up with, the first person to answer the One Answer only questions all correctly will receive the prize!


1. What is Emma Godswood's full name?

2. Where is the Godswood Manor located in relation to Mendell City? (North, South, East, West)

3. Who is secretly related to Emma Godswood?

4. What is their relation to Emma Godswood?

5. What does their name mean?

6. Who murdered Emma Godswood?

7. How were they able to locate Emma's estate and breach her security?

8. Why was Emma Godswood murdered?

9. What historical site is the picture of the Godswood Estate based off of?

10. Who was Emma Godswood... Really?


OOC Information For OOC Detective Game - May Not Use ICly unless presented to you ICly

Original Video-Email from Emma to invited friends


To: -Multiple emails are listed, this is a mass-message-

From: GodswoodSoGood@CCMail.nt

Subject: The Estate Invite

Video Message Received:

You see Emma Godswood on the screen, she is smiling, and looks rather healthy, except her face is splotched with patches of dirt

"Hello! Sorry for my present appearance, I'm afraid that I was helping the Groundskeepers tend to the garden today, they just don't know how to treat my hydrangeas properly! Anyways, this same message is being sent to all those who were invited, I apologise that I dont have time to personally reply to you all! But, I have some things to clear up!

Firstly, my disease, while terminal, and incurable, it presents barely any symptoms, besides occasional intense burning sensations in my lower abdomen, extreme migraines, and occasional bleeding from the eyes! Doctors have told me I have up to 16 months to live... So I plan to make the most of it with the few friends, and acquaintances I have.

Secondly, the invites. I have invited 26 people in total, 24 so far have accepted my invitations. Those invited are either considered friends of the Estate, my other family members, or myself, even if I have only spoken to your once or twice, I fear I have few friends, and I do not wish to die alone.

Thirdly, all transport to the Estate is being handled by me, just EMAIL me your address and I can send a shuttle-limo or possibly a helicopter over if required, everything is being payed my MOIS, no worries!

Fourthly, accommodations, everyone will be treated to the be-"

There is abrupt gunfire in the background, and a screeching alarm goes off, Emma's face blanches, she wastes no time running to her closet, and opening it to reveal a shotgun, she grabs the gun, and pumps it swiftly, and turns her back to the camera, facing the door. More gunfire is heard, and a man's scream manages to penetrate the bullet-fire.

Suddenly, the lights in the room go out, Emma is barely visible, standing in the pale light, gun trained on the door, she does not break her stance. A few seconds go by, before the door literally flies off its hinges, Emma only managing to avoid it by jumping out of the way. A man enters, his face is covered by a balaclava, and his figure is barely visible in the little light Emma's computer is giving off. The man moves to the side of the room where Emma jumped, and you hear a sharp, female scream come from off screen followed by a large thud. The room is silently for a second before Emma's face reappears in front of the screen, her forehead is cut, and her face bruised, blood is trickling from her eye,

"This is Alexandria Emelia Petrova Marquisa Orlay Godswood, Head of the Godswood Estate, and heir to the 45 million credit fortune of her parents. She is for all intents in purposes, deceased as of this moment" a gruff male voice says, although her remains unseen.

"This is E- - Emma G- g- Godswood... I leave all of my worldly possessions to Jamine Godswood, my adopted sister... And I... -Emma closes her eyes for a moment, as a few tears trickle out, before opening them again- Would like to say goodbye... To everyone who was ever my friend... I loved you all so dearly... And to Roy Wyatt, I love you, you childish bastard..." Emma chokes out, blood starting to drip from her right eye.

A hand comes around from behind Emma's face, and covers her mouth, a few more bloody tears trickle down her face, the frame freezes on this, but you are able to hear her being dragged across the floor, and can make out the sounds of a struggle, and then you hear a sharp SNAP, which is followed by a large thump

"Message send." The male voice echoes through the darkness.

You don't know what you have just watched... But the frozen image of Emma's face is still on your screen, haunting you.



News Coverage of the Godswood Murders

Godswood Manor


Marshall Curren (Chief Secretary to the Godswood Estate) conversation with Jason Finn

Alexandria's (Emma's) Invite to Personal Friends - What the 'Invited' group received ICly from Marshall Curren. + The Estate Information Package


The Godswood Estate is a large manor house, on a 700 acre plot of land, sporting a fair wooded area, a large pond, and a nice field. The manor house itself has 100 rooms in total, 73 guest rooms, two kitchens, one dining area, five master bedrooms, a ballroom, a home theater, a wine cellar, 13 staff bedrooms and one staff dormitory, a security barrack, and lastly, the treasure room, where all the Godswood wealth is on display.

The current Head of the Godswood Estate is Alexandria Godswood, third of her name. She lives on the property with her family, Jaime Godswood, Amelia Godswood, and Lyra Godswood. However, she spends most of her time away, leaving Amelia to manage the Estate.

The Godswood Estate is protected by a team of six security professionals, who carry live firearms at all times. They are under oath to protect the Godswood family and their fortunes, from all threats, with their lives, and are chosen directly by the Head of the Estate herself.

The staff of the Godswood Estate are vast, ranging from Chefs, servants, butlers, maids and the managers. There are a total of six Chefs, 23 servants, four butlers, five maids, one steward and one Head Chef. The steward maintains control over the servants, butlers, and maids, as well as managing the resources brought to the Estate for upkeep, the Head Chef prepares the menu, and directs cooking staff in the kitchen. All staff are under direct supervision of Chief Secretary to the Estate, Marshall Curren, who then answers to the Godswood family directly.

Guest visiting the Estate are provided with their own servant for the duration of their stay, and are given a luxurious room, with their own personal washroom, Extranet Terminal, and HoloTV.

Travel to and from the Estate is managed by the Estate Chaperone, who pilots the Godswood Limousine, a customized limo with reinforced windows, bulletproofed exterior, and in-ride minibar . The windows tint is controlled by the driver, and ranges from clear to completely black. A majority of the ride to and from the Estate maintains the black windows, to prevent memorization of the route to the Estate from Biesel

The Godswood Estate is known to take in homeless men and woman from the streets of Mendell for stays in the Manor for as long as six months, it is also known for Godswood family members to invite personal friends to stay with them for awhile, for times ranging from six months to a year.

This has been a brief introduction to the Godswood Estate as it currently stands, penned by Chief Secretary to the Estate, Marshall Curren, and authorized for distribution by Alexandria Godswood

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