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Regarding Witcher

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To whom it may concern,

My name is Malcolm Witcher, creator of the Witcher intelligence interface. It has been brought to my attention that the intelligence has made its way upon several key NanoTrasen institutions including the NSS Exodus, NMSS Odin, and NSS Aurora. While it was created with the intent of being a personal interface, I have found discrepancies in the code that require attention.

Upon review of the original codebase uploaded to the aethernet, it would be impossible for the Witcher intelligence to be uploaded onto any interface other than a personal artificial intelligence handheld device. However, compared with the data of the code provided to me on 21MAR2457 by NSS Aurora, the code of the Witcher intelligence does not correlate with that of the original created on 1MAR2457.

The Witcher intelligence has reformed its own codebase to be viruslike in execution. A positronic brain somewhere upon a NanoTrasen vessel will activate, reaching into the aethernet for available personalities. Upon finding a suitable one, it will draw forth the personality to fill the brain for a duration anywhere from several hours to several years, depending on necessity. It is during the timeframe from catching a suitable personality to implementing it that the Witcher intelligence makes its move. It replaces the intended personality with itself and is implemented in its place.

In the basest language, the Witcher intelligence interface is evolving at an alarming rate.

I do not have an answer as to why nor how at this juncture. I have two solutions and they are as follows:

The first, I upload a specially designed virus into the aethernet while the Witcher intelligence resides there. The intent is to erase the Witcher intelligence completely. However, I stress that I cannot guarantee that it will work. The Witcher intelligence has proven itself very capable of adaptation and may already have safeguards against my virus.

The second, that the Witcher intelligence be left alone for now. It has not exhibited any hostile actions to crew or other living creatures. It has shown capability in the roles it has taken on, receiving, from my understanding, generally positive feedback from the unsuspecting crews. Moreover, while in a position of technological merit aboard a station, it is still bound by NanoTrasen Artificial Intelligence Laws.

It is my opinion as the creator of the Witcher intelligence interface that the second option be considered until the intelligence has shown itself to be beyond Law control. However, it is the opinion of men much more influential than I that will be the deciding factor in this intelligence's fate. I will not resist in either case.

Wishing you a long and prosperous life,

Malcolm Witcher

Malcolm Witcher, PhD

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