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Familiar Sands

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The shuttle landed gradually on the platform, blowing clouds of sand out of it's way as it did so. The passengers within felt the inertia of the docking, followed by the assuring bell. At once, everyone's belts automatically came undone, freeing the travelers from their seats. A roaring noise protruded from the intercoms, urging to patrons to clean up their areas, return any borrowed equipment to the attendants, to exit in a single file orderly fashion, and lastly, to thank them for choosing Moghes Space.

Hazeri planted his cane on the tiling beneath him, using to hoist himself up. Clad in robes, he covered his scaly head with the hood as he stood his place in the line. Brutish Unathi, Tajaran salesmen, and even a few human tourists all made up the diverse populace. He flashed his passport briefly to the man at the exit and was greeted by the scalding weather. A smile grew to his face, as he stretched his limbs and tail out, basking in the glorious warmth he had long since forgotten. Hazeri adjusted his dark shades around his surroundings. Adobe buildings lined up far around the block, with blacksmiths and craftsmen actively working out in the sun, perfecting their creations. People were crowded around the local Bazaar, where a tall black Unathi in a fancy suit proudly displayed a colorful, neon silk robe, to which the people began to shower him in Thalers.

The old Unathi walked down the line and found a brewery, run by a short, pale green scaled female. He smiled at her, and she nervously did the same. Salutations... she hissed at him with anxiety in her tone. M'shara's Brewery welcomes you...how may I serve you? Hazeri pondered for a moment. Moghian Hotbrew, please. The woman nodded, scurrying back to the kitchen. The old man leaned on his cane as he took in the sights of his old homeworld. Such a diversity could be found in a trade city, but he knew that he would find difficulties anywhere outside of his original regions. Thoughts ran through his mind of his early life. His family, his clan. The pain, the misery, the turmoil...

Here you are, honorable one. The lady called out, placing a steaming mug of a thick green liquid on the counter. Hazeri snapped to attention before turning around to face her. Ah, wonderful! He proceeded to give her a polite bow, to which she hesitantly returned. N-next! Hazeri walked himself to the outdoor tables and took a sip of his liquid. He paused. He took another moderate sip, tasting carefully. Bah... He thought to himself, abandoning the mug on the table. Inauthentic commercial cup of...

Shrugging it off, Hazeri took pace towards near the end of the settlement. A barn of sorts was placed away from the rest of the village, run by a lonely farmer. They locked eyes and bowed immediately. Greetings. Hazeri introduced. Would you happen to have any mounts for sale? The farmer scratched his head. Hrm...Well, I don't know. I really n- He was interrupted by the screaming of a scale-cow, being cut from it's shackles by an Unathi masked in dark robes. Hey! The farmer called out to him, charging towards the robber. All he had to do was extend his energy sword towards his direction, and the farmer came to a halt. Hazeri tilted his head, slowly walking towards him. Hrmm...What is all this noise, then? The eyes of the robber squinted as he came to point his weapon at Hazeri. Get back, old dust. Neither you, the man, nor his flock gets hurt. Hazeri simply shook his head at the robber's threats. Have you no respect for your elders? He questioned. I have more respect for the coin. He replied. Hazeri shrugged, turning around. If that's the way you feel, then you have it all wrong. He cleared his throat, setting his cane down in the sands as he adjusted his robes. Old age does not make me frail.

With that, Hazeri flipped around and extended his claws towards the robber. A barrage of sparks emitted from his sleeves, which caused the robber to stumble backwards, and drop his weapon. Hazeri flicked his wrist, drawing a needle. Just as the robber came to his senses, Hazeri lunged at him like a Threshbeast and punctured him with the syringe. The robber let out a grunt of pain, looking down at the Unathi before him. The old man smirked slightly. And we are the last ones you should underestimate. Hazeri withdrew his needle and gave the robber a gentle push, causing him to fall backwards. As he lay there, he convulsed and twitched whatever muscles he could while Hazeri dusted himself off, retrieving his trusty cane. He turned to look at the astonished farmer. Take it. No charge. Hazeri nodded, bowed once more, and mounted the scale-cattle. The farmer waved him as the law enforcement came their way. Hazeri rode off into the sands, the familiar sands, to a destination certain, yet unknown.

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Hazeri held his hood tightly over his face as the antagonizing winds blew more and more sand in his direction. His mount let out a dry squeal, indicating to him that it was about to give in. Come now, don't climb so high only to pummel downwards from the summit... He whispered to his steed. The four-legged animal marched forward, with as much of a sense of perseverance as exhaustion. Hazeri removed his shades. In the distance, he could faintly make out edges and ridges, blending in well with the sands that blew so fiercely. With a little kick to spur it on, Hazeri guided the scale-cattle just a little further until the settlement was in clear view. He tugs at the reins, indicating for the animal to stop. It does as he commands, promptly before dropping down and slanting to its side. The old Unathi pays no mind, grabbing his cane and putting his sunglasses back on. Stay put, now. Don't get robbed. He orders the sleeping beast.

The winds whispered anger in the tongue of dust and sands. Trudging slowly, each step guided by his cane, Hazeri kept his head down and a firm grip on his robes. He approached a large tree in the center, and sat down, planting his cane deep in the sands. Keeping this meditative position, Hazeri resisted the words of the storm to submit. Eventually, it had diminished, and the village had come to life again. Unathi of all shapes and sizes crawled out of their adobe huts to gather around the strange visitor. The largest, most brutish one had the audacity to stand right in front of the old man, glaring down at him. And who, pray tell, are you? He demanded. Hazeri tilted his head upwards and smiled. An old friend.

The Unathi blinked as Hazeri stood up to his feet, using the trunk of the tree as support. He pulls his cane from the sands and taps the man on the shoulders. Do you remember your Shaman? The Unathi paused, staring at his feet. Of course...I remember the day... Suddenly, their eyes lock, and they both wear a smile. Shaman...you're still alive? Hazeri frowns. I thought you remembered when I surpassed the need of mortality? They both shared a brief laugh, before beckoning Hazeri to follow him. Come. Storms are brewing. He explained. The only brewing now shall be tea.

Flames from the stove trickled and danced upon the walls of the hut, as if they were compelled to recall the story of some great battle or an extremely grand celebration, but lacked the capacity to speak it out for themselves. Hazeri inhaled the steam from his bubbling mug, sighing in bliss as he takes his first sip of the stuff. Perfect...just perfect. He raises his mug at the brewing lady, who smiles in thanks. The chieftain keeps his gaze on Hazeri. Shaman...if I may ask, what brought you back? Hazeri holds up a claw as he savors the rest of his tea. I missed the tea. Also, I am on a quest of sorts. The chief tilts his head. What do you need? We have a few soldiers right now but-

Suddenly, a dark scaled Unathi came running into the room. Is...Is he here? He pants, hands on his knees. D-did I miss him? Is that him? Oh Her, it's him! The Unathi makes a quick, sloppy bow before dropping on his knees. It's...it's an honor to actually meet you, Sh-shaman. Standing to his feet, the chieftain glares at the kneeling young man. Outsider, you do not dishonor the establishment by barging in whenever you- Hazeri laughs, calling the chieftain off. Relax, relax. The chieftain nods, taking his seat again. Hazeri leans on his cane and returns the bow. Greetings, young one. What is your name? The Unathi looks up, a sense of confusion clear in his eyes. Uh...I am...Ezulth, the Outsider... Hazeri squints his eyes curiously. Ezulth? Which clan are you? Ezulth grits his teeth before answering. None...I...never really knew...anyone...and urm...they took me in as their own...but urm...I was always inspired by your works!

Hazeri turns his head to the chieftain and smirks, he makes no reply back. Is that so? He asks. Oh, yes! Yes, Shaman! He nods quickly. I've tried to study the magic...just like you... Reaching into his pockets, Ezulth pulls out a vial with dark red liquid in it. With a sense of eagerness, he rips the cork out and shakes the bottle. Bubbles form as the solution fizzes and shoots up and stains the ceiling. Hazeri watches it with curiosity. That...is about all I can do, really. With what we have here, at least. Hazeri nods. Ezuleth? Do you have any familiarity with NanoTrasen? The young Unathi nods softly. Yes...they took me into their academy...gave me a degree in chemistry and biology...I don't know what I can- Hazeri interrupts. Would you like to come with me, and be my apprentice?

Tears almost fell out of his eyes. You're...you're kidding? Hazeri shakes his head firmly. Not at all. I need someone to carry my legacy. Ezulth grows a widened smile, and Hazeri follows suite. Y-yes please! Shaman, please! I'll d-do anything...I'll clean your quarters, I'll study every day and night...I'll...I'll... Hazeri pulls his hood out as he walks towards the exit, beckoning Ezulth to follow him. Ezulth. Don't worry about it. And call me Haz, please.

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