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Suggested buff to character running speed

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This probably has been suggested a thousand times, and I'd suggest it 3000 more times if it was possible. Servers such as Hypatia have (while quite ludicrous) fluid running speed.

Of course we could probably find a common median between "Gotta go fast Hypatia" and "Trekking for the long Aurora" so that you don't run through people in the hallway and end up speeding so fast past them you hardly even noticed that you phased through a 2d-spaceman/woman, or having to spend 20 minutes chasing someone with their clothes off that moves at the speed of light with Beepsky and a taser.

Anyway. This is my suggestion, since sometimes it can be a little irritating with how slow PCs can be whilst running. It's not necessarily more important than other suggestions, but it would help make navigating the station a tad bit easier.

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