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I actually have a tarot deck and decided to try some IC readings. I play out a reading using my deck in real life and I read.. IC.


Tina sits upright in her office chair with her elbows resting on the spacious, polished wooden desk to either side of her body with her fingers weaving together at the center to form an obtuse triangle with her arms and the desk. The desk itself is elevated to just above her sternum. In the background you can see a tall but proportionally small bookshelf off to the left against the wall populated with various paperback texts of different sizes and colors. The bookshelves themselves offer quaint decor at the far end of each shelf in the form of carved wooden effigies taking the shape of mythical creatures. Her walls are painted an olive green, reminiscent of a forest.

Tina herself is wearing a white, loose silk shirt with slightly less loose sleeves that extend to her wrist. The sleeves droop back down her forearms a bit when gravity allows it, revealing her pale skin and thin (read: noodle) arms. Around her neck is a tied leather lace that flows down to the center of her chest with a chrome pentacle at the end.

On the desk in front of Tina's joined hands is a neatly stacked deck of cards that appear relatively large in comparison to the average playing card. The deck is face down and the card's back is a photo of black space dotted with varying stars of different sizes and colors. There are two nebulae on the card, one on each end. Closest to the camera is a red nebulae with a higher concentration of red stars. The opposite end is a blue nebulae with a higher concentration of brighter blue, and purple stars. The nebulae transition to the blackness of space with a low concentration of various stars, mostly small, toward the center of the card with three pictures of a moon in different phases: the right side, waxing; the middle, full; the left, waning.

Tina says with a smile, "Hi! I am Dr. Tina Kaekel. Or rather, right now,"

She grabs the pentacle right her left hand, holding it up next to her face and says with emphasis, "Witch Doctor Kaekel."

She drops the pentacle and brings both her wrists to the corner of her desk and clenches them into fists.

"Right! What I have here, is my deck of tarot cards. I'm sure a lot of you have seen this stuff done a lot in scary movies and stuff but it isn't -so- dramatic in real life. So what I want to do is tell you some of your fortunes. There are two ways I'll do this right now. One, I can do a general reading for you which will shed some light onto your future if you continue the path you're currently following. Two, you can ask me a specific question. Obviously there are limitations on what kind of questions you can ask but if you understand tarot there shouldn't be much of an issue with asking me and my cards a question."

Tina picks up her cards with both hands, and idly shuffles them close to her chest. Her smile grows faint.

"Remember, if you're asking a question don't be shy. If you think it's silly or whatever, don't. It's more than likely not silly because we all have things that matter to us. The question doesn't have to matter either, it could just be for fun!"

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Someone finally responds, though initially they would appear they have no camera attached to whatever device they may be using. A quiet, calm voice spoke out, clearly synthetic but not harsh or overly robotic; "My apologies, one moment..."

The camera snaps on, facing a computer with a display of a grove filled with earth-like vegetation, primarily roses. Behind it, too close to see anything else, stood a mostly empty bookshelf. A light chimes from beneath the monitor seemingly indicative of speech.

"There. Hello, Witch Doctor Tina. I did not expect to see you on this site." A gloved hand raised up in greeting. "You recognize me, don't you? I am intrigued; Would your cards apply to me? Do they work efficiently, or are they just a game?"

The camera awkwardly tries to adjust itself to have more than just a monitor visible. A pair of dainty robo-shoulders slowly pans into frame.

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Tina smiles widely, halting her shuffle. She straightens the bulky deck of cards in her hand and places them face down on the desk, her hands disappearing under it. She looks at her screen with admiring blue eyes behind a pair of glasses; darting back and forth as she studies the monitor.

"I didn't even know you had an Ask-Me account. But that doesn't matter! Yes, the cards DO apply to you. They apply to anyone," she leans in over the desk, "or anything with a psychic connection to the universe. And everything has that connection. I know you do. I'm glad you decided you wanted a reading but I'm surprised you don't already know what's in your future."

She pokes her tongue out momentarily. She turns her head to her right making sure her eyes remain trained on the monitor.

"Is there something specific you wanted to know? Or did you want to know about the path you're on?"

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The camera stops,the back of a very uncomfortable chair now visible past the machine's body. He appears completely unaware of his camera's hijinks.

"It is a long story of how I came to have this account." The monitor briefly flashes to an image of a dark warehouse, as if that means anything. It returns to the sunny meadow rather quickly, as to not upset his aura of calm. "I do not use it often, but I saw that your name and that you had few listeners-" He interrupted himself, apparently thinking insult could be derived from his words.

"So, it is a spiritual ritual? Then, I would not wish to sully it with greed by asking for something specific. I am merely curious to see what happens, and how it works."

The machine seems vaguely mystified in tone, struggling to sound emotive. "Tell my fortune, Witch Doctor Tina."

The camera seems stable, for now...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Tina turns her head to face Android with a curious gaze in her eyes, darting back and forth at the brief image of the warehouse. She parts her lips to say something but hesitates, and tightens her lips in a dissatisfied grin at Android's comment about how uncool and unpopular she is and also everyone hates her and thinks she's ugly.

She loses her expression of existential anguish, her expression neutral with a slightly dropped jaw - listening intently to Android's last statement. She pushes herself off the desk and looms down at her deck of oversized cards.

"Well," she starts, "You'll have to tell me about how you got that later... In the meantime."

She looks up from her cards and her expression turns to eminate a curious happiness and let's out a quick, shallow sigh as she holds up the back of the cards to the camera again.

"Cards. You can't sully divination with greed because by nature it's centered around YOU. Or anything that takes your fancy but I would say that's greedy too. And it's not a bad thing! Greed is part of us as..."

Pausing for a moment at there end of her last word, her bare lips open and her tongue stuck at the palate in her mouth. She darts her eyes quickly upward to either corner of her field of view several times before looking back at Android and furrowing her brow slightly.

"Sa - Yes, sentient beings. If you just want to know " what happens" then I'll be happy to help... I'm curious as to what will happen, too. Then I'll ask what I need to know about the near future if you stay on your path."

Tina closes her eyes and drops both of her hands below her desk, opting to lean against it; holding her head over it closer to the camera. She studies Android intently, her eyes scanning him behind her glasses. Her shoulders shift, clearly shuffling the cards and nothing else as she mouths her question. She remains silent for what seems like ever like wow get it over with please. She sits up once again and off the desk. Her elbows rest on it with the deck firmly in her hands. A thumb carefully feels the edge if the cards, attempting to touch every card. Tina maintains eye contact... With the monitor. On her screen.

After a few seconds of card touching, she picks one and cuts the deck. Placing the deck to her left, her arms are removed from the desktop.

Three cards are drawn and placed face down in front of the hot and very cool Tina.

"Look at the three cards I drew. Pick the one that feels right for you."

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The monitor is unchanging, so it is unclear if the Android is looking at the cards or not. By its silence, however, one may reasonably wager that it is at least thinking about it.

"I would pick your right-most one, because it would be by my left hand, and that is what feels right." He holds up his left hand to show her, using the action to punctuate the statement from the next.

"And if I had not feared upsetting your ritual, I would have chosen knowledge of my future. There are many uncertainties about it that cause me anxiety. Such as; With my personality changing so dramatically in such short time periods, what will I be like? Would I even be able to get along with myself? Would my disabilities catch up to my development? Would I be dead? Would I --"

The Android makes a sudden POP sound, as if someone unplugged a speaker mid-utterance. It looks downward, like it was ashamed.

"...I apologize. I rambled for approximately thirty-three seconds without providing an opertunity to interject." Upon looking back up from its shame, it gestures and says; "Please, continue."

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Tina places her right index and middle finger on the lone card to her right, her thumb searching for a grip on the underside. She grins, watching Android's mental breakdown. She maintains her grin when Android looks back up to her.

"Well... That's why we divine. So we can discover those answers about our life. At least be hinted to it."

The card quickly raised and flips in Tina's hand. Glancing at it briefly she turns the card in her fingers the other way to show Android.

On the card shows a childlike boy that looks to be in his pre to early teens standing in front of a sea under a cloudy, bright blue sky with a ship sailing along. The boy wears a loose, long sleeve green tunic and long, tight-fitting brown breeches. His elbows are tucked to his sides and hands outstretched at different heights with a golden pentacle above each. Each pentacle is inside a loop of the same lemniscate. Lastly, the boy's expression is focused. He doesn't look at the pentacles but his eyes are narrowed in concentration.

"Two of pentacles."



Tina keeps the card held in front of the camera.

"It's a sign of balance and mastery. The boy represents you, Andy. As you can see, you're juggling pentacles. You're doing it well and the two are in an infinity symbol. That means there's balance in your routine. I asked what your future holds if you stay your path. From what it sounds like, your... Changing personality is yourself attempting to reach an equilibrium. And that happens with all of us. I can think of a few times my personality changed quite drastically, even AFTER my teen years."

She giggles solemnly and drops her gaze a moment, losing a bit of her grin. She looks back up at Android, placing the card face up in its original spot and weaving her fingers together, resting them between her sternum and the desk.

"You'll get there. Even without the card telling me, I know you will. Because that's who you are no matter what way you manifest your personality. And if the cards means anything, and it does me, then it tells me you shouldn't change who you are. And no, your behavior is hardly who you are. I mean it can be. But it's not definitive. I don't think you'll die either. If you do then you will come back in a different... Vessel, I suppose. You'll experience life in a new body, much like how you went from a Cyborg to an IPC. Those two experiences themselves have helped you understand yourself and the world around you better than if you only lived as one. So a new form will help you hone your knowledge."

"And your friends will love you no matter what. We know who you are and no matter how you change you'll still be you, but a more... Masterful you. You're still young. Worrying too much will only upset your balance. Stay focused, Andy. As the boy tells us."

She tightens her lips.

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Halfway through the reading, the Android cocked its head in a practiced gesture of interest. It nodded through, showing that it was listening and not just off surfing the web with its brain. When she finishes, it continues to silently watch her for about ten seconds before it says anything else. A travesty of social timing.

Just as one may chime in to see if it's even concious, it begins droning on again, "I somehow feel better, Tina. Thank you. I am deeply interested in your cards now, you should know. Was that the end of the ritual? I feel like the one card has said enough, but if you wanted to do more I am willing to listen more. I somehow feel excited by the design of this card, like the way a peice of art 'speaks' to an onlooker." The android interrupts itself again with a sudden cutoff.

"I apologize. I enjoyed it thoroughly, Tina. You have made me happy."

The monitor nods, the foliage on its screen bobbing with the motion.

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The super pretty and definitely NOT ugly Tina looks upward and out of both corners of her eyes while her face still... Faces... Android. She looks back at him and dicks her head forward.

"Well, duh it's the end. I decided to do a three card draw but as a one card spread... Not much of a spread, is it?"

She chuckles keeping her lips sealed.

"So I have an idea. I'll bring my deck to the station some time and maybe I can do a seven card spread for you. Those are long... But they're very detailed and very fun."

The space pagan gathers up her cards into a single deck once more with both hands because remember they're pretty big cards. She ensures they're stacked nearly and places it face down once again.

"In the meantime, it was my pleasure to help you and learn."

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"I will be so kind as to give someone else a turn, then. Thank you, Tina."

The Android waves goodbye, and without any motion, the camera cuts off. A signal error pops up on the feed, as it apparently didn't disconnect along with it.

"And I would like to do this at work very much."

The audio pops again, makes a buzzing sound, and then he vanishes from the feed. Very mysterious. Except the name is still in the list of viewers, so it hasn't actually gone anywhere, it just disconnected from center-stage.

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Tina waves back to Android before he disappears.

"Me too."

The mystical witch that everybody totes loves picks up her cards and does a quick reshuffle before placing them back down on the desk and her right hand reaches under the desk. Her eyes dart around the screen and clicking can be heard. It looks like she's just browsing the internet with her webcam on. What a weirdo.

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Vira taps and clicks insistently with the hardware peripherals before her, browsing and skimming extranet sites out of boredom, depression and insomnia. She decides on navigating the AskMe.nt directory, scrolling down to the ongoing streams. She covers her eyes with her hand and clicks on a hyperlink randomly, guiding her to Tina's webcam feed. She uncovers her eyes and observes for a bit as Tina browses whatever while her webcam is on. Vira shrugs a bit, and decides to leave a textpoke on her stream.

"Hi. Your webcam feed's still on. Did you know that? I'm surprised your download/upload speed isn't affected."

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Tina perks up and clicks somewhere on the screen you can't see, she's not screen sharing. Looking down at a different portion of the screen her eyes scan from left to right and types back.

"I know I just have my camera on because I wanted to do some tarot readings for fun! I did one for Andy and I'm hoping someone else comes along for one. Actually are you watching right now?"

She starts typing again. Is she sending another message?

"and I hope it wouldn't affect it, I pay plenty for my service LOL"

She was sending another message. That bitch. And despite her all caps "L-O-L" she doesn't appear to be laughing. Actually was that a smirk?

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Vira smirks a bit, and types out a short response.

"I'm watching right now, yep. I guess I'm interesting in this tarot card reading business, why not. It sounds fun."

Vira stares at the all-caps "L-O-L" for a few moments, waiting for a response.

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Tina looks directly at the webcam and smiles fully.

"Oh good, then I won't have to type! And don't be so mopey, Vira. Trust me, it IS fun."

She picks up her deck and shows the gloomy goose the back of the top card. its described in the first post im not describing it again Moving the deck closer to her chest she casually shuffles it, almost playing with it rather than actually shuffling.

"Okay here's how it's going to work. You can either ask a question, and not like some silly question like, should I have a sandwich or whatever, you know? But like, a real question. About your life, your future, maybe even some advice! Who knows what we have to say to you? Or you CAN ask a rather silly question. Not something stupid like that, but, like, if you have some curiosity about a certain thing in your life be it a hobby or a person or whatever! You can ask it.

Or finally, I can just do an independent reading on you. I can ask about you, or your future. Maybe even your past."

Tina gasps lightly to catch her breath, stopping her shuffle and straightening out the deck.

"Oh! I almost forgot!"

Her head turns away from Vira but her eyes remain locked onto her monitor with raised eyebrows.

"You know what tarot is, right? Like, you know how this all works? Or are you wondering why I have a deck of cards?"

She can't help but chuckle at her own awful joke of sorts and turns her head back toward the monitor slowly, her expression gradually shifting back to neutral.

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Vira shrugs a bit, deciding to get into a pleasant mood for this fun activity. She nods and bobs her head a bit as Tina speaks, thinking on and digesting her words. She monitors Tina's movements and speech patterns as they escalate and deescalate in energy. She nods, and thinks for awhile.

"I guess just asking me some basic questions will do, really. Might get into a better groove this way if you know what you're dealing with."

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And instead of his feed, another familiar face - while the camera was dark (it seemed like some sort of closet), the pink casing and heart-themed display could not be mistaken for any other IPC. "Hello, Witch Doctor. If you still do draws, I would like to know about my future."

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  • 5 months later...

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