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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

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AKA, the best RTS of recent times.

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is the continuation of Supreme Commander.

It takes place after the events of the Infinite War, a conflict spanning one thousand years. The ultimate victor of the Infinite War, the United Earth Federation, won by firing a planet-buster called Black Sun.

However, Black Sun also weakened the fabric of space and time and allowed a alien race, called the Seraphim, to invade our galaxy.

They were joined by fanatics from the Aeon Illuminate, and formed the Order of the Illuminate.

Soon the Seraphim had all three factions on the run, the UEF, Cybrans, and Aeon.

Why are the Aeon fighting? Rebels, that's why.

The three united into the Coalition, to destroy the Seraphim threat. It is only done by launching a direct attack on Earth where a Quantum Arch is located, and destroyed ultimately by you.

Now, let's see just how awesome this game is!

Example A. The UEF Tier 3 Armored Assault Bot, nicknamed the Percival.

A platoon of these bad-ass motherfuckers can downright ruin any commanders day!

You see THIS motherfucker?

That motherfucker will tear a commander a structurally superfluous new behind!

But, as the saying goes "To solve a problem, use gun. If that don't work, use more gun!'

A platoon of Percivals can see that lard-ass motherfucker shown above, crying to it's mother! And then fuck it's mother!

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You can control hundreds of tanks and bots, naval fleets and air squadrons at once... from space perspective. The game is a progenetor of Total Annihilation and is a good game for wonnabe generals and tacticians. It's hard as hell, though, at least to me.

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