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Hang in there.

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In light of recent events, I just wanted to say something, just because I suppose. I know some people use the internet and stuff like RPing to get away from stuff, and if thats you, and its a problem, just hang in there. I know everyone here has heard a million variations of the same thing here, but its all the same, everything gets better, stay in there for the future, etc, etc, etc. Really sorry for saying the same thing thats been said before, but you know, I think it just needed to be said.

This is in relation to something I mentioned earlier today, in the game, and Im afraid to say that Im just going to need to take some time away from Aurora and the forum for a while. I know I JUST started playing the game again after a long period away already, but something happened, and I apologize that Im leaving again so soon, but it can't be avoided. I may be here for a day or two before actually leaving, but Ill have to go eventually.

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