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Chem Overhaul Ideas Thread

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So, I've decided if no one is gonna fix chem, fuck it, I will. 


Problem is I've got no fucking idea how. Help. I need ideas from chem mains present and former. What do you want to see added to your job? So far I personally think chem needs risk added, you should have to heat chems, blow yourself up, gas yourself with cyanide, cause phoron fires. Thoughts?


Also I'm new to coding so don't expect results soon, but god damn it it'll happen.

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I think we need more 'complexity' stuff like you said having to heat stuff and cool it down and the danger of it, i would also like othe mechanics like perhaps having to filter chems to purify them, in general feel like you are an actual chemist not just some nerd pushing buttons for quick bircadine (Disclaimer: i RP as a Biochemist scientist, i don't play phamacist so an actual phamacist player might disagree)

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I think more options for making things is going to be the best? A lot of this needs a coder and people to help sprite/work on this project/ I can help as much as possible if needed.

Instead of taking 4 steps to get to Pneumalin, you could take 2 that require a bit more work/danger but get you there faster, The same with other things.

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