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Commendation Report 7/2/2463

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Reporting Personnel: Song Hyu-Ju
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Captain
Game ID: ciI-bqYW
Commended Personnel: ZI Krantz, Engineering Apprentice, ZI Providence, Engineering Apprentice
Witnesses: Sejong, XO, Song Hyu-Ju, Captain
Time of Commendable Act: N/A
Real Time:(probably around 4am PST? or about two hours into round?)
Location of Act: SCCV Intrepid
Overview: Due to a lack of security, crew were deputized to deal with rogue elements in crew. While preforming a marooning overseen by Sejong, they were attacked by the person to be marooned along with another crewmember. They both fought to subdue them both, saving the lives of all crew present to oversee the marooning. Along with ensuring the safe return of the intrepid, which they then made repairs to. Thanks to their going above and beyond the their duty, our ship is safe and sound, and the criminals handled. They kept their heads cool the entire time, showing why Zavodskoi Interstellar has earned their rightful reputation as professionals in all lines of work.
Additional Notes: N/A

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Commendation declined due to significant antagonist influence.

On 08/08/2020 at 15:15, The lancer said:

Commendation Reports may not be submitted in favour of non station characters or non-canon situations. Before submitting, make sure that the situation is being accepted as canon by the involved parties and server rules.


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