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My poor laptop...


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The fan is ka-put. I'm gonna be off of SS13 until I can get it repaired/replaced/whatever, and have my laptop working again.

If all goes well, I should name my laptop.

Maybe I can download SS13 on my desktop...but I dunno...the 2D spessmen might taint it...

Don't hate me for saying that. D:

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

My fan broke twice, but because I depend on my laptop for school/communication with 98% of my friends, I did the real ghetto thing and kept two ziplock bags full of frozen water wrapped in condensation-protection paper-towels and set my laptop on it. It kept the thing cool enough, since I didn't game for the duration. (LITERAL HELL)

If you're dependent, that might work. Could damage your laptop though, I don't know, I'm not a computer technician take what I say with a grain of salt, especially since I am a sample size of 1.

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