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---Bounty Request: DragonSnap And/Or Karima Mo'taki---

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ACCESS LEVEL>[Redracted]




Bounty List as follows:

Synthetic unit DragonSnap:

I require valuable access to her coded mindset. She will either be employed as an IPC chassis, or enslaved engineering unit. Possibility to also be uploaded as an AI, but highly unlikely.

Bounty: 25,000 credits for positronic processor. 35,000 credits if brought in fully functioning with IPC chassis. 5,000 credits if shut-down and damaged, but repairable. If the bounty is accepted but unit DragonSnap is permanently terminated, I will place double the bounty on your head instead.

Crewmember Karima Mo'Taki:

I require her for research and interrogation. She possesses a data chip pendant that catalogs her research: this is valuable to me as well.

Bounty: 25,000 credits alive and unharmed. If she is deceased, I will place double the bounty on yourself. Her data chip pendant is valued at 10,000 credits. If you are unable to retrieve Karima Mo'Taki, retrieval of her pendant will suffice.

I have included a simulated copy of my files. This may be used for your assistance.


((OOC info: If anyone would like to play as Scarlet, a cruel and twisted AI/IPC, you are allowed to as long as you ask me for specifics. I really wanna get some interactions between DragonSnap and her sister. The nice thing about scarlet is she is more casual in interpretation: She is cruel, deceitful, cunning, clever, and brutish. She takes enjoyment in making people suffer. She's become absorbed with her quest to complete her unfinished coding, and believes that DragonSnap possesses the missing link - or at the very least, Karima can research it and code it in. She's also feels betrayed by Karima, as Scarlet was the first creation, and was faced with termination. She is likely jealous of Dragonsnap and is sickened by her sweet nature. Scarlet and DragonSnap are very opposite of each other.))

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