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Cameron Anderson's short biography


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Cameron Anderson is a human male born on February, 14th, 2439 on New Gibson (Tau Ceti IV). Cameron was put up for adoption on March 1st, 2439 and lived at the Gibson orphanage. However September, 23rd, 2445 Cameron along with a few other orphans were kidnapped by Nanotrasen scientist, (Classified). Cameron Anderson along with the other orphans went under unauthorized experimentation due to the lack of funding Nanotrasen declined to provide (Classified) with from the experimentation he wanted to run. The experimentation that (Classified) did on the orphans he kidnapped on was electro-charging and gamma-radiating body tissue.

He hoped to successfully achieve by amplifying them, causing the body to become more durable and stronger. However as a side effect, it did cause some deformities, such as genetic intensification, however (Classified) had a theory to remove some of the negative effects. These experiments went on for six years of Cameron’s life, most of the orphans died either from the side effect of the experiments or from when (Classified) killed them because they couldn't be used for experimentation anymore. However on May 21st, 2451 (Classified)’s experimentation was discovered and his secret laboratory was raided by a Nanotrasen Emergency Response Team. Cameron Anderson along with the few surviving orphans was rescued from the laboratory and (Classified) was arrested and is imprison for the remainder of his life.

Cameron Anderson had to go under emergency surgery due to deformities he was experiencing. Some deformities on Cameron surgeons couldn't restore so the surgeons had to amputate his left arm and his left leg and replace them with robotic limbs. Cameron’s heart and eyes were severally damaged also so they had to be replaced with a mechanical heart and mechanical eyes. After his surgery a Nanotrasen officer met with Cameron and felt bad for Cameron and adopted him days later. Years went by, after getting used to his robotic limbs, mechanical organs, psychiatric help and evaluations Cameron was finally somewhat mentally back to normal however his physical deformities would be permanent.

Cameron is however mostly shy toward people since he didn't have much communication with anyone when he was kidnapped. He does have a fear/distrust/hatred when coming in contact with anyone who works with science. Finally when Cameron turned seventeen his adoptee felt it was time for Cameron to get out in the world and live his life so the Nanotrasen officer pulled a few strings and got Cameron a job on the Aurora Station as part time help. He now tries to live a normal life like everyone else due to his horrific past and the person who made him to what he is today.

(Person to help with Cameron Anderson's short biography was Blue)

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