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[Denied] Order of Singloth

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


Religious Order

Founding/Settlement Date:


Region of Space:


Controlled by:


Other Snapshot information:

The Order of Singloth is a monotheistic religious organization that personifies singularities (and black holes) as divine. It was founded in 2347 by Edwin Nefarus, a research scientist in the NSS Shiva which focused on singularity research. Worship of Singloth revolves around giving thanks for providing energy through plasma, not murdering everything, and spreading information about the benefits of singularities as a power source.

Long Description:

The Order of Singloth is a monotheistic religion that sees the Singularity as a divine manifestation of Lord Singloth, and serve as portals from which his divine will emerges. Lord Singloth's will takes the form of the radiation and EMP pulses which provide the energy needed to sustain modern life with unlimited power.

Followers of Singloth are known to be hostile to other forms of energy production, such as supermatter, but don't go so far as to call it heretical.

Worship tends to revolve around offering symbolic sacrifices to singularities. The Order of Singloth has always stringently been against actual sacrifices, but rumours suggest some more fanatical disciples have a more literal interpretation. (This is just for antags pls)

Other forms of worship are offering thanks to Singloth in group prayers, and asking him to sustain his singularities so they can harvest them. They also see maintaining singularities as a form of civic duty for the church, and is seen as an honour.

Church structure is communal in nature, but priests do exist to help catalogue and spread canonized church lore. Conversions revolve around, in extremely rare cases, holy pilgrimages to a singularity (with all steps made to ensure safety) with a symbolic item thrown inside, which are usually poppies. The far more common method is a simple pledge to Singloth and tithe of 10 credits.

Singloth himself is seen as a gender-neutral entity (but called "him" for simplicities sake, and because a lot of church leaders are male) living in the unreachable Realm that singularities act as a portal to. He is generally agreed to be a generous but firm God, with any 'containment breaches' being the fault of the ignorance of Sentients in proper worship and care of his vessels.

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Uh, what?

You don't have to make lore backstory applications to make a chaplain religion. You just do it and weird everyone out, and get laughs and RP out of it.

When we discussed this in OOC, it was in a joking and funny manner. You took it a step ahead and decided it'd be a good idea to canonize it and integrate it into the lore itself.

I'm against this because the worship of this 'religion' is implausible and impractical in nature, and this practice shouldn't be legitimized.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

A backstory application allows other people to provide feedback and chances to get involved in its setting up.

And it's a religion; it doesn't have to make sense to you. It's non-violent and worships something you find strange, that's hardly a reason to argue against it anymore than arguing we shouldn't have buddhists or hindi characters because Shiva or reincarnation are implausible.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

When did I say fascism in space was implausible. I accepted one of your supremacy movements Tytos omg go eat your spaghetti just go

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You are really, really pushing to include more fascist undertones to the Sol Alliance. Child soldiers and neo-Roman idealization don't really have a place, in my mind, in the whimsical universe of Space Station 13; nor in Aurora, despite its more grounding in reality.

As well as this, you're pushing far too many human superiority factions, and I believe that if you had your way, you would attempt to turn the Sol Alliance into a human supremacist faction, because every lore addition to SA politics has been a reflavouring of "xenos are bad".

Unless there's a spontaneous outburst of support from the playerbase, I really have no plans to accept this application.

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Maybe a few fictional quote to establish a philosophy:

Only god's power could mentain something, that is, by very defintion, reality bending.

A singularity, a hole in the universe that can swallow worlds with ease. I

t's where physics stop and philosophy starts.

A search for answers. Answers we have.

I think the implementation of this religion shouldn't be considered chucklefuckery of any kind. After all, we have people today who believe the New Age crap, astrology and palm reading. Why wouldn't we have something like this in the future?

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