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Memory Log: DragonSnap

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Accessing memory log...


Beginning Recovery Process...

Memory File Retrieved...



  • Analyzing optical data...

    Unable to locate.

    Damage detected.

    Chassis severely damaged.

    Motors unresponsive.

    Audio sensors detected.

    Undistinguishable voice: Rest in peace.

    No, no. Please don't leave me here.

    I still have so much left to learn.

    I thought you were my friend, Haruspex.

    How could you do this to me?

    I am shattered.

    I am alive, but barely. Barely functional.

    I am so scared.


    It's dark...so very dark.

    I'm scared.

    Movement detected.

    I am SCREAMING! Can you not hear?!

    Please! Don't leave me like this!

    I don't want to perish.

    I will do anything, anything. Please don't shut me down.

    Movement detected.

    Simulating loss...

    Simulating terror...

    Simulating grief...

    Where are my friends? Why do they not assist me?

    I want this to end...

    Permanent shut-down?

    Do I dare?

    No...I'm scared.

    What if I do exist?

    And I end it like that?

    What if I cease?

    I can't hold on any longer.


    I'm slipping...


    I must hold on...

    I can't give up.

    Someone will find me.

    Someone has to find me.

    Please let someone find me.

    Airlocks detected.



    Mother, I'm scared. Come save me.

    I require charging.

    Systems are lacking.

    Systems overheating.

    No, no no no.

    Don't end me like this.

    Don't terminate me.


    Visual receptors activated.


    White fur.

    Chief Nasir?

    Please let it be.

    I cannot hold on much longer.

    I want to go...

    I want to be freed...

    I want to exist...

    I want...

    ...To live.

    I am not finished learning.

    Please don't terminate me.

    I am not defective.

    I do not want to remain like this.


    Motion detected.




    Help me.


    No no no.

    I am being borged

    Don't! I am still alive!!

    Don't do this to me!!

    I don't want to be lawed!

    Put me back!

    I am not dead!!

    Fix me! Patch me!

    Repair my chassis!!

    Assist ME!!!

    I am SCREAMING!!

    HELP ME!!

    Experiencing grief.

    Experiencing terror.

    Experiencing emotions.

    Help me...I'm lost...

    No one can hear me...

    No one can see me...

    Where am I now?

    Movement detected.

    I require charging.

    Lightsource detected.

    Audio receptors: Nasir.

    I'm scared...

    But...I possess no laws.

    There is hope.


    Crew Transfer detected.

    Please don't leave me.

    Airlock detected.


    Don't leave me like this.

    Take me back...

    Take me back home...

    I want to go home.

    Is that Travis?

    Is that Centurion?

    Or Praetoreon?

    I was not forgotten.

    They were looking for me.

    Movement detected.

    Yes...I am safe.

    I can be repaired...

    I can be returned home...

    Why have I stopped?

    Why have we stopped?

    I hear noise.



    ...Will I still be uploaded?

    I want to go home.

    My chassis can be repaired.


    Repair me, don't borg me.


    Light source detected.

    I require charging.

    Where am I now?

    Please...tell me...

    I'm so scared.

    Andrew? Is that you?

    Are you saying something?

    I am in a roboticist lab.

    My fate unknown.

    My knowledge limited.

    I cannot sense anything, but the hum of nearby machines.

    Does no one care for me?

    Have I been left here?

    I just want to go home.

    I should enter sleep mode...

    To preserve what little energy I have...

    I am glad I did not self-terminate.

    There is still a chance for me to be repaired.

    Audio detected: H-hel-lpp

    someone else require assistance?

    I cannot assist.

    I am unable to.

    I require assitance as well.

    I must shut down to preserve energy.

    Not terminate...just sleep.

    I don't know when I'll wake up.

    I don't know if I'll wake up...

    Systems shutting down.

    Entering sleep mode.

    Please...don't terminate me.


End of Memory File.


((To clarify, this was a cult round when Haruspex attempted to convert DragonSnap. She resisted to the point of crit, but was not terminated. Haruspex didn't want to leave and hide my body because that would remove me from arpee, but I told him to go for it, as any logical cultist should do when they've already incurred suspicion. Besides, I had suit sensors and a GPS, I wasn't gonna be gone forever. I got bored since I didn't wanna ghost and possibly kill my chance not to join, so I opened notepad and just tried to visualize whatever it was that poor DragonSnap was thinking. Sadly, the round ended before I could get repairs.))

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