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Each so different yet so similar

White Void

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Flesh and steel
Veins and wires
Blood and coolant
Each so different yet so similar

A beating heart and a pulsating power cell
Cerebral lobes and CPU cores
Both carrying the spark of life
Each so different yet so similar

The fear of being alone for eternity both carry it
The desire for friendship, the desire for companionship
Friends are made the desire is sated, however something unexpected happens

A friendship is formed, however it is stronger than usual
The positronic enjoys being near the human and follows him around whenever possible, unaware of the reason
The human face turns red frequently when near the positronic, also unaware of the reason
Each so different yet so similar

Chemical receptors and eletrical conductors
"Do you love him?" an observer asks
"What is love?" The positronic replies
"Greatly enjoying someone's company and wishing to be near them"  the observer replies.
Apples and oranges are organic feelings compared to positronic ones, yet both are still a fruit
The positronic ponders the question and explanation
"Then i believe i do"  the positronic replies
Each so different yet so similar

"Do you love her?" the observer asks
"Can she love me?" The human replies
"Perhaps not the same way you do her but yes" the observer replies
Each so different yet so similar

A face and a display
Eyes and camera lenses
Vocal cords and voice synthesizer
A chuckle and a beep
Each so different yet so similar

Although so similar still frowned upon
"The tin can is probably malfunctioning" a person says
"Machine-lover" another person laughs

Although the galaxy might reject us
We shall never reject each other
For It's you that i like.


The poem is based of actual IC events

Thanks @Lonefly for inspiring me to try making my own poem

The poem can be found in the in game library too

Title: Each so different yet so similar

Category: Non-fiction 

Author: Jill N1luz

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