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Synthetic unit Katana and Kunai:

He has been made aware of a valuable experimental synthetic unit within the NSS-Aurora that is capable of swapping between multiple chassis types. Prophet desires a copy of this code, ideally in functioning order. Independent retrieval will warrant full bounty, group retrieval will warrant split bounty for all surviving members of the assault team.

Bounty: 25,000 credits for positronic processor or Intellicard. 35,000 credits if brought in fully functioning with IPC chassis. 5,000 credits if shut-down and damaged, but repairable. Station-Bound Android and personal AI variants of the Katana and Kuani program are useless to Prophet due to self-wiping procedures within them. If Prophet is present during the capture, the team remaining team members will be awarded full bounty to split between them on safe return of both synthetic and Prophet.

Please note, he is not the human Prophet operative. Another operative in this area shares a name with him. His fur is white, if it helps.


((OOC info: I've spoken with Sierra about this, and we have opted to place a bounty on her AI/IPC's head. Please send me a screen shot showing possession of Katana's core/card/IPC with your character in either the syndicate outpost or an escape shuttle to confirm the bounty. Alternatively, Sierra will contact me if the bounty is completed.

In the rare case that you end up on a nuke team with my operative and Katana is captured, my operative must survive the mission and return to base to be able to pay out.

Both the KATANA and KUANI units are acceptable to Tahan.))

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