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Character setup - Records


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Okay, so I don't know how possible this would be but.




In character setup, could it be modified so that we can edit each one of these individual things, so everything doesn't just come up in a clump under notes?

And also the same for Security notes; Minor and Major crimes? I didn't manage to get the screenshot of that but I am sure you all know what it looks like.


Also, would it be possible for us to add a template to the character setup that players can fill in, that automatically appears in our records? I've seen tons of players add their own to their records, and I think it'd be nice to add consistency.


Maybe something similar to:


Height: (Feet-Inches +& cm)

Weight: (kg)


Date of Birth: (this could even be in both English and American format, just to add confusion)


Home System:

and that's all I can think of.

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