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The Orchid Society

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The Orchid Society


Brief Summary-

The Orchid Society was founded in 2234, on Earth. The initial founding families were the Godswoods, Maladaxis', Noxes, Pennbrookes, Currens, and Armourians. Each family was considerably wealthy, or otherwise held a position of power (in government, business, or intellectually), and all of them initially met during work for NanoTrasen (who most of the members still work for today). It was founded with the following goals;

Ensure the protection of Society assets, including funds, property, identities and persons.

Ensure the maintaining of all member's wealth, power or knowledge.

Influence government and corporate decisions from behind the scenes to better suit the Society's needs.

These goals are still in play today with the current form of the Orchid Society.

Hierarchy/Structure -

The Orchid Society is ran in three tiers, the 'Founders' , the 'Associates' and the 'Black Orchids' .

The Founders- The Founders, as mentioned in the summary, were the initial families that created the society. They form an executive board that dictates the society's tenets and goals as a whole, and are generally the wealthiest and most influential members. The current Founders are:


  • -Xalstros Maladaxis

    -Martin Pennbrooke

    -Niklaus Nox (Now removed for crimes against the society)

    -Myella Curren

    -Sarah Armourian

    -Alexandria (Emma) Godswood


The Associates- The Associates are the smaller, newer families of moderate wealth and power that join the Society to further their own needs. They are in the organization for life, unless their designated 'Head of Family' removes them, or the Founders hold an expulsion vote (Expelled families usually 'mysteriously' disappear, or die in apparent suicides) . They are the foot soldiers and the backbone of The Orchid Society, and are required to pay 100,000 credits every year to maintain benefits. Associates are generally used to relay messages from the Founders to outsiders, to ensure the safety of the Founding Families, they are essentially the equivalent of Duty Officers for the Founders. Notable Associates are;


  • -Vivian Rival (Was invited after founding PETOS)

    -Alastair Icarus

    -Althea Eyrie (Invited after the Godswood kidnapping due to her knowledge of the Godswood Family's history)


The Black Orchids- The Black Orchids, sometimes referred to as the 'Black Orchid Society' , is basically the group's special operations force. They are employees of the Founder's who have submitted to loyalty implantation, and seek only to fulfill the end-goals of the Society. This group is made of dissidents from former Associate families as an alternative to ending their lives to keep them silent. These are the ones that actually get their hands dirty with the occasional assassination or framing, they have also been used as Field Agents though. They are considered disposable by the Society, and thus are poorly treated. Notable Black Orchids are;


  • -Crimson Auror (Assassinated Carter Mason on orders of the Founding Families, later arrested by Biesel PD for the murder, and summarily found dead in his cell from a cyanide dosage)

    -Adalaide Maladaxis (works on the NSS Aurora, punished for speaking out against her Head of Family, she is not implanted to ensure NanoTrasen does not discover her origins.


Tenets/Laws of the Society

The Orchid Society maintains a set of tenets or laws that all members, including the Founders, must follow strictly. They are categorized into three separate categories; 'The Original Goals' 'The Founder's Law' and the 'Tenets' . Because there are too many to list, we will dumb it down.

Original Goals- Stated in the brief summary, these are the primary goals of the Society, directly counteracting anything operation designed to fulfill these goals is met with expulsion.

The Founder's Law- The Founder's Law is the highest form of tenets that the Society maintains. These were made by the ORIGINAL founding members. There are 25 in total, but the primary, and first three are;


  • One - A member of the Society may never indirectly or directly cause harm to another member of the Society.

    Two - The Society's secrecy is to be maintained to the best of all members abilities. Any purposeful revealment of Society secrets will result in expulsion and possible further punishment

    Three - Always attempt to spare lives where possible. Be morally impeccable citizens of the universe.


The Tenets- These are the set of laws/rules that are met with small punishments when broken. They are many and varying, as such, none will be listed, further information may be requested.

NanoTrasen and the Orchid Society

NanoTrasen has never taken any direct action against the Society, although it is believed to have knowledge of the Society's existence. The Society never directly attempts to harm NanoTrasen or her assets , as NT was what brought the entire group together in the first place. NT Facilities commonly host Orchid Society members as employees, without knowledge of this fact of course. An increased amount of Society members have been signing up at the NSS Aurora for work due to the recent murder of the Godswood Family, a matter they are currently investigating.

How to Become an Associate

The Society regularly recruits people from wealthy or academic backgrounds to strengthen their numbers. It is not implausible that crew of the NSS Aurora who have stated they have significant wealth would be approached about joining the Society. You will be approached directly in person if a member thinks you are good enough for the Society. The perks of becoming an Associate are:

Funds, the Founders regularly lend out money to the Associates.

Protection, the Society protects its members to the best of its ability.

Estate, the Society provides each Associate family with one small Estate, which the Associate family may then upgrade and improve, or sell to remain in their own personal dwelling.

OOC Information

So, first of all, this is not a criminal group, do not use this group as a gimmick in antag rounds, or anything of the sort. Very rarely does the Society break the laws imposed by their respective regional governments.

Secondly, joining. This Society is a close knit group of academics, wealthy crew, and powerful people. My characters might approach you with invites, or you can PM me requesting to join, and outlining why you wish to join, and why your character would be considered by the Founders for this group.

This group was invented to further the progression of the Godswood storyline, and as such, anyone registering for this will be disqualified from partaking in the contest, but will be given to access to information regarding the story that others don't know. And you will be able to directly help progress the story yourselves as you receive tasks from myself.

Annd lastly, if you do become an associate, feel free to steal my Custom Item App for the Membership Coin if you want, if the Dev Team doesnt get sick of us of course.

Questions can be made below!!!!! I will answer to the best of my abilities.

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Application Format

If interested in joining, and not waiting for a possible IC approach, fill this out in a PM to myself.


[b]BYOND Key:[/b]
[b]Character Name(s):[/b]
[b]Why you wish to join:[/b]
[b]What qualifies your character to become an Associate:[/b]
[b]Are you willing to help progress the Godswood Storyline directly?:[/b]

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March 11th, 2457

3:00PM MST

Meeting Brief/Summary

Subject: Godswood Murders

Originator: Founder Niklaus Lux

Attending Members: 3 Founders attended,38 Associates attended in total.

  • Founder Lux

    Founder Pennbroke

    Founder Maladaxis

    Eyrie Family - 1 Delegate

    Embaria Family 1 Delegate

    Parser Family -21 Delegates

    Omir Family - 11 Delegates

    Wakenshaw Family - 4 Delegates


Primary Points:


  • -Locating and eliminating the Godswood's murderers

    -Continuation of the Godswood family line

    -Jamine Godswood

    -Motion of Neutrality


Motion of Neutrality: Omir Family delegates motion for the Society to remain neutral in the Godswood crisis, meaning the Society would stay neutral and halt further investigations into the murders, and reluctantly allow Jamine Godswood to take the place of Chairwoman of the Founder's Board. They were supported by the Wakenshaws in this motion. Parser Family vote against, sealing the motions fate. Motion denied after vote counting.

Meeting Conclusion; Closing Statement:

The Orchid Society will actively seek justice on behalf of the late Godswood family, ensure that a true blood-heir is located for the Godswood family. Black Orchids will be assigned to protect the Founders and prominent associates. The Society will reach out to friends of the Godswood family, extend condolences, and also note the Society's intention to protect all affiliates of the Godswood family, through providing the minimum amount of the knowledge of the situation necessary.

Significant affiliates of the Godswood family are being monitored by the Black Orchids for protection and intelligence collection, they are as follows:


  • Nasir Ha'kim

    Avelak Nirisha

    Roy Wyatt

    Syrus Seto

    Jason Finn

    Vivi Deumnorum


Meeting Adjourned at 5:00PM MST


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This is alll OOC


What does being a chair woman of The orchid Society mean, because Jamine is the only Godswood not dead or otherwise unable?


The Chairwoman of the Founders of the Orchid Society has the general authority just like any other founders, but in the organization, holds the power of veto, only being able to be override if all the Founders and 10 Associates motion against. They are given access to all the secrets of the organization and every possible asset it can offer.

The Chairperson has always been a member of the Godswood family, and it has become common practice to keep the role in the family. There is currently a small amount of the Society that believe that blood relation shouldn't matter, and that Jamine should be contacted and brought in, while a majority of the Society is still intent on locating a blood relative to Emma.

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So, is she contacted yet, or will it take a while?


She will be contacted via the forum PM system in an IC manner by myself, depending on the progression of IC events.

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  • 5 months later...



Today, by the authority of the Founders Maladaxis, Nox, Pennbrooke, Curren, and Armourian: Chairpersonship of the Orchid Society, is hereby passed from Interim Chairman Xalstros Maladaxis, to Chairwoman Esa Godswood.

Shall she lead and guide us, and lead the Society to new light.

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