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Jimena Zhu Surgeon.

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She was born in China. Family was traditional Chinese.

Scored well in school and received a nomination from her Father's friend to the Solarion Naval Academy.

She detached to fleets and with Marines, in their field hospitals.

She was with the 33rd when they invaded Tau Ceti in 2259.

Administered a Hospital in a Mendel City suburb during the occupation.

Long story short, crazy Evil John Sol Marine type officer that was there to provide security for the hospital started dictating who got treatment. She should have stepped in, but the implication of violence made her back down. She later realized his men were just as upset with him as her, and woulda followed her lead if she'd pushed.

Eventually the CO's subordinate shot him after confronting him about denying Biselites treatment.

Spent time tending to members of the 33rd under the watch of the 25th and reconstituted Biesel forces, during their withdrawl and hand over of power.

Was questioned by a Biesel investigator about what happened at the hosptial. After her testimony, she requested asylum and to stay.

PCMG-Nexus hired her. They kind of were the only ones that would touch her, considering her past.

Worked her way up, but avoided administrative positions.

Eventually assigned to the Horizon.

Basic bare bones. There's more depth but this is good for feedback without spoilers.

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