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Hi. I've been a shit this week.

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This past week has been pretty terrible. A dime a dozen, but, I've not helped any this week.

I wanna apologize for my part in terribleness this week. I'm really glad it's the weekend but at the same time I'm honestly a bit afraid since I know people are still fired up at each other from what's been going on.

I hope this doesn't reflect on me as a member of the community, I've been a worse shit that most of your anime waifus.

No, really. Sorry.

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While I'm sure the apology is appreciated by anyone affected, I still feel like everyone is making way too big a deal of everything. All the "BAH IM LEAVING" and "IM SO SORRY" and whatever else srs bsns drama people are doing is kinda unnecessary and just feeds the idea of the community going to shit when it really isn't. If all you do is prowl the forums, sure, there's some toxicity and pettiness that needs weeding out, and the staff are sorting it out in a meeting in a day, but some people seem to be acting like it's the end of days.

While it's something that is a real issue, when it comes down to it we're all just people that share a hobby we like. None of this drama actually matters and you can absolutely just play the game ignoring the forums and you'd be none the wiser. We're sorting out the issue because the forum is an important outlet for the community and I'd expect the staff care about preserving an enjoyable atmosphere throughout all aspects of it, not because it'd be the end of the world if we didn't.

I dunno, just my 2 cents.

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