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Seeing as recent events and turns in the community have ruined Aurora from what it once was, i'm leaving.

I came here because i sought a productive environment for good RP. That lasted a good few months. I have had good and bad times here.

But the fact is the community is going right the way of Baystation. It is becoming toxic and bloated with those who seek to always have their way and ruin it for everyone else.

I'm disappointed to say that i am let down by the recent turn of events. I had higher hopes for Aurora.

To all those who i have interacted and had a good time with, goodbye. It's been nice.

I hope i have made some memories and helped people have a good time, but unfortunately that's just not happening anymore with the state of the community and how things are.

I can't change it because the rot is too deep.



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Hah, no. That's silly. You're being silly. Snap out of it.

This week has been absolute shit.

You were here for the winter months, were you not?

You braved that shitstorm. Tell you what, you're gonna brave this one as well.

The RP is still the same, sir. The community is still the same.

People are getting upset for no reason and the staff aren't about to look like assholes and call them out for being and acting retarded.

Stay. AFAIK, the rot is in places where it's honestly really easy to ignore.

The people who are being shit either need to change or be outright ignored.

Stay. You dummy.

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