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Yo, looks like this board does ads.

I'm ALT255. I'm an extra. If you don't know what an extra is, vide a book and come back.

My debt's in learnin biz. You give me a name, and I'll come back with a dossier. You pay right before I send it. Guarantee I'll get age, sex, home address, manufacturer, whatever basic shit, or your creds back (only do refunds in fringe crypto tho; OPSEC reasons. ill tell u how to setup a wallet if we need). One month turnaround if you catch me busy. 48 hours average. No one is off limits. Carol Cojocaru's birth weight is on my SSD somewhere.

Give me a bonus and I'll dig up more. It helps if you hint what you want to do with the knab. Don't have to give me a hit plan; just say if it's for a hit and I'll give you info to make it clean. Same if it's for a robbery, dot-signin, burglary, date, &c. I don't judge.

Here are some prices. These are startin numbers. If you give me somethin weird that don't fit any category, no debts - happens all the time, I'll give an est.


I tell you what every advertiser knows about your guy. It's like I said up top. Age, sex, gender, sexual preference, home address, manufacturer, occupation. All the biz that fits in one word.

HIT KIT: 3200 BSC eq.

Everybody needs to bleed somebody. You get your bio, plus whatever weaknesses I can find. Easy ways to get them alone, off guard, daily schedule and that milk. If your guy's a Heph G1, I'll spit you a slick trick a bov taught me.

HEIST KIT: 4000 BSC eq.

I deal with certain orgs that want to hurt certain other orgs. You and your band wanna hit the SCCV Horizon or someshit? 4000 per head. I'll run off exploitable personality traits, arctic bits of history, ways to blackmail and scare and pacify so you can get a hostage situation runnin smooth.

Ground rules:

  • Do not ask about my sources. I know everything and I'm always right. That's enough.
  • Do not ask for progress updates. If I say I've started working, I am working until I tell you I'm done.
  • Do not make smalltalk. I am giving you a business email. If you annoy me, I will cut off comms and you will not be refunded.
  • Do not try to honeypot/investigate/soc-eng/troll me. I will know, and things you like will disappear.
  • Avoid stupid requests. Find out if it's possible to blackmail a cino drone before you ask me to scrib a heist doc for it.
  • If you're sus of me, too feckin bad. Callback if you get desperate. This isn't a rugpull or a setup, and I won't tell you enough to prove it.
  • I am fluent in Sol Common and TCB. I am passable in gutter. I have translator tools for ElStand, most Morozi dialects, and Trade. If you contact me in a Sinta script, in Delvahhi, or in gibberish, I will block you. If you contact me in Nral’Malic, I’ll send an attachment with some free bonus data in my reply.
  • I scribe like a drongo on my rout. Won't verb suit in every packet, so pull up a guido when you up me or get alleyed.

If you're going to contact me, do it fast before I switch emails. If you have to, just go "hi, I'm interested" or w/e and I'll keep you updated.


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