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Silaris Uaekis, one of the Commanders of the Security Force in NSS Aurora. Recently was involved in an intrusion into his home where he was brutally attacked by unknown intruders trying to gain confidential information since his job employment consists of carrying valuable security information. In that attack he took a shot through the mouth by a lethal energy carbine carried by the unknown intruders. In doing so Biesel police were called to his apartment in which the intruders escaped failing their attempt to kidnap Silaris Uaekis. He is currently going through surgery and might have to live with a permanent metal respirator like mouth piece. We have information that the shot burned most of his lower mouth area. He requires the respirator to support his breathing abilities. We have yet to get all of the information, this is all Biesel authorities will give us so far.

Contacts to family will be made as this is a tragic event. Biesel authorities are working harder to implement more officers in areas that house valuable personnel to prevent intrusions like this any further by terrorists.

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Tavaku took another sip of his beer. "Hey Karima," he said. "Don't you know Uaekis?"

Karima glanced over from her workdesk. "Which one?" she asked. "She knows the younger one, Sirasarot. Why he ask?"

Tavaku gestured to the Holo-monitor. "They're on the news." he replied.

Karima set down her tools and walked over, taking a seat next to her brother. "By S'raandar...they attacked him? why?"

Tavaku shrugged. "No idea."

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