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Incident Report 21/4/2457

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Reporting Personnel: Isabella Broomhall

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Emergency Medical Tech

Personnel Involved: Ruby Sulgren, surgeon; Kevin Sloan, Roboticist; Owen Strogle, plasma researcher; Xavier White, security cadet; Sarah Scott, head of security; possibly others

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident: Medical Bay

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty []Harassment [x]Assault []Misconduct [x]Other: Medical malpractice

Overview of the Incident: Throughout the shift, there were multiple incidents in the medical bay, most of them involving Dr. Ruby Sulgren. Roboticist Kevin Sloan was admitted into surgery for fractures in his leg. After the surgery, I witnessed Dr. Sloan being taken to the cryo tubes in critical condition; during this time, Dr. Sulgren made his wounds worse by dragging him across the floor. Dr. Sloan then told me that she had to amputate the patient's leg since it had been infected. I question Dr. Sloan's capabilities as a surgeon--she should have known how to treat an infection without resorting to amputating the leg, especially in such a traumatic manner, and she should have known that dragging a patient worsens wounds.

The second incident involved Dr. Owen Strogle. Dr. Strogle had been a problem in medical bay due to repeated admissions and clear psychological issues, so Dr. Sulgren took it upon herself to gag him and operate on him without anesthetics. Security Cadet Xavier White was in the room at the time and tried to blindfold Dr. Strogle, but Dr. Sulgren said she wanted Dr. Strogle to watch. I told Cadet White to arrest Dr. Sulgren for malpractice, but he refused, saying that Dr. Strogle had given the two of them trouble throughout the entire shift. I called security; Head of Security Sarah Scott arrived on the scene. I explained what happened, and she demanded that Dr. Sulgren use anesthetic for the rest of the surgery. She proceeded to let both of them go without so much as a warning after Dr. Sulgren complied.

At an unknown point in the shift, an unknown person, presumably medical personnel, disposed of a corpse in the morgue through disposals, alarming a handful of crew members.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: I attempted to report the incident involving Dr. Sulgren and Dr. Strogle to Head of Security Sarah Scott, but she let them go since Dr. Sulgren agreed to use anesthetic on the patient.

Additional notes:

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This is Nasir Khayyam, greetings.

He has a small thing to add to this report. A member of engineering, Cole Desmond, was the person who's body had been disposed of improperly. Due to this neglect Desmond later found their previous body in disposals and, in a fit of CMD, very nearly committed full un-retrievable suicide by jumping into the singularity engine. Desmond was talked down from the action, and he will be sending Desmond to counseling sessions and personally assuring that they are well cared-for while on-duty. 

Disposing of a corpse in that manner is unacceptable, and very nearly resulted in a permanent loss of a very good staff member and friend. He demands action be taken to find the perpetrator and see that incidents like these never happen again.

Thank you.

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From the desk of Kelvin Stephenson

NSS Odin Duty Officer

Office #347-B

To Whom it may concern;

Your complaints have been received and are currently being reviewed by Nanotrasen Duty Officers. We thank you for bringing this incident to our attention and ask that any further information be sent to us under investigation tag 154389-AMD.

Have a Nanotrasen Approved day;


Kelvin Stephenson

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