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More Customizable Bugs in Viro


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Playing on other servers with their unstable mutagens, liquid plasmas and other things has brought me many hours of great joy as I custom tailor viruses for individual purposes. However, on this server, the virus must have 4 symptoms. Apparently, some can spawn doubled. I don't suppose there's any way to make viruses more customizable? Say, change the mandatory 4 symptom limit? I understand that to get the higher levels of dangerous symptoms, one might require lower level symptoms first, but what if you just want to give someone a headache instead of Gib them or cause mass confusion?

A simple drop of virus with the 'headache' symptom in someone's drink, or maybe perhaps a nasty, mucus filled coughing fit through Anima Syndrome sprayed in someone's face via a squirt bottle? Not all viruses have multiple symptoms, and not all are deadly. I love the way the lab is set up, but the bug building is still kinda limited.

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