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Idris Incorporated: Banking Services

Guest XanderDox

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4th Largest Bank within the Sol Alliance

"Life is the currency of Gods"

Idris Incorporated is an interstellar bank, that operates out of Mendell City. It has branches in most major cities, and a few space complexes. It was founded in 2310 by Erin Idris, and has grown to be the 4th largest bank in the entirety of the Sol Alliance. The company has since expanded to also working as a stock exchange, and serving other financial functions.

The current CEO is: Xalstros Maladaxis

Current Members: 31408732

Security Rating: High, there has not been a breach of account security in 4782 days.

New to Idris Banking? Sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/KwSmEKHJGv

Aurorians Registered:

Vittorio Giurifiglio - TytosTyris

Niklaus Lux - XanderDox

Varan Truesight - Gollee

Alise Keener - Jboy

Vira De Santos - OneOneThreeEight/Delta/1138

Chris Blade - XChrisUnknownX227


So, I got bored, and you know what happens when I get bored, I create IC social networks, or advance my Godswood story, but... NOT TODAY, today I bring you Idris Bank! An IC bank that can actually affect your character! When making a bank account, you have the option to select 'Dynamic' this will give me permission to formulate IC situations that may affect your characters funds, housing etc, like identity theft, repossessions do to late loans, among other things. This will give characters a better grip on their funds, more than the current random amount a shift allows. Dynamic updates will be PMd to the forum user directed towards the IC email they provide in the form. Idris will advance in the future to something that players and invest money into, with RNG's choosing outcomes and random events that affect the player. So yeah, register out of boredom, because why not? Players may comment questions below, and may also ICly comment if they are holding an account, that their funds have changed. Alright, lets see how this goes.

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Available Services:

Statement Request - Request a statement on your accounts current status

Withdrawal Request - Request a withdrawal straight from your home!

Newsletter Request - Either request another copy of the Idris Newsletter, or cancel your current subscription

Request Live Assistance - Request a call with a member of the Idris Customer Service Department

Request Last Entry - Request the last time your account was accessed, and the location that access was granted

Change Details - Change the details of your account (Number, name, address)



Basically PM me in the form of an email from your account holder to Idris with one of those commands as the subject, and include anything else you'd want to notify Idris of, and the company will reply to you.

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Those wishing to receive the monthly newsletters must contact their nearest Idris Banking Branch, or email IdrisCustomerService@Taucet.org ((PM)) and sign up for the subscription. This notice is late, and we apologize for the inconvenience to members.

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