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[Accepted] Idris Incorporated

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Faction

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2310

Region of Space: Tau Ceti, Sol, Epsilon Eridani, A majority of the Sol Alliance's member states

Controlled by (if not a faction): N/A

Other Snapshot information:

This company is semi-pro Syndicate, and provides funds to cells that seek to target NanoTrasen facilities.

They have branches in Mendell City, Lowell City, a small kiosk on Nova Concordia, Hengsha Arcology, and Cevalon, and various cities within the systems under the Sol Alliance and are looking to expand into the Xeno planets of Adhomai and Moghes.

The Bank has had known issues with some governments, refusing to allow monetary seizures, as they have a firm stance on protecting their clients funds. This has resulted in the bank being banned from the Republic of Elyra and a few outer-rim nations.


Long Description:

Idris Incorporated is a interstellar bank that operates from their HQ on Mendell City. The bank was founded as pressure grew for a secure way to store credits and have them transferable across solar-systems. Erin Idris stepped up to the challenge. After starting on Mendell, and initially only servicing Sol and Tau Ceti, Idris got his big break when the Maladaxis family, wealthy business people from Epsilon Eridani, invested over 100 million credits into the bank. The business boomed, the Idris and Maladaxis family alliance has continued to grow the corporation, and expanded their field of work into the stock market, both families have profited greatly from this and are now both billionaires.

Now, in 2457 , Idris Incorporated runs the 4th largest bank in the entire Sol Alliance, and are expanding into the field of genetic backup storage (after establishing a contract with Zeng-Hu for the cloning and genetics equipment) and are nearly impenetrable by hackers.

The bank has begun offering joining bonuses to those who work for major inter-stellar corporations, to draw people away from using the companies own banks (such as NanoTrasen's Bank) , however they are still in a struggle with NanoTrasen due to it's large employee base mainly using the companies bank as their method of storing funds, preventing Idris from having a large amount of members, this has caused strained relationships between NanoTrasen and Idris Incorporated.

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