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EPSiLON Private Investigation Firm -GODSWOOD INVESTIGATION-.

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EPSiLON Private Investigation Firm Form Request


*A picture of the EPSiLON firm symbol is printed. It's an eye glass with I.E printed under it.*

DATE: 03/37/2457



SUMMARY: The EPSiLON private investigation firm is requesting the permission to take over the Godswood Homicide case and investigate further into the mystery of what happened. We will leave all official policing business to the local police force but request that we take over the investigation held for the Godswood family murder and kidnapping. We also request that we put the remaining family members under our budgeted witness protection service. We've assigned our head Investigator to the case if accepted. If accepted please forward all evidence to our Investigator upon his/her arrival. We also offer any payment towards our protection service to higher the protection detail for the remaining family members.

Leading Director signature: Matthew Cleminton

*A giant red ink stamp is shown on the paper, it reads "EPSiLON Private Investigation Leading Directer" on the top and under it is a small eye glass.


((This is for Xanderdox to decide as I believe he is the lead of this whole thing. I'm motivated to try to bring this into a more IC prospective as now it's getting quite famous and people are wondering who is investigating it.))

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Date: 28/APR/2457 , 12:29 PM

To: EPSiLON Private Investigation Firm, Matthew Cleminton

Subject: Godswood Investigation


Due to the recent amount of other cases we have been forced to take, we are willing to pass on the Godswood murder investigation to your private firm. We will contact you with regarding the access to the private files we have assembled. You will answer directly to Mendell PD Liaison Jasper Woods regarding the cases developments so the police may keep tabs on the investigation.

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