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Looking for players for a small roleplay campaign in Project Zomboid (No zombies, modern setting)

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Hi. I'm looking for a players to run a small campaign in Project Zomboid. Obviously, it's text only and I expect quiet a high level of roleplay. There won't be any zombies, it'll be set in a modern setting and it will be happening on a custom map I've made specifically for the campaign. It probably won't be longer than 3-4 sessions, but this may vary, depending on how you will be playing it.


The plot is as follows:


The year is 2019. You are a privileged European citizen and you just finished university. While thinking about getting a job, you notice a letter in your inbox. One of your professors reaches out to you and offers to work in a remote research base in Austria that hosts a huge radio telescope. You'll get a nice room, food and hot water, the latter is especially important for you as a European. And the payout in the end is quiet generous for just 3 months of work. Without much hesitation, you agree


If this sounds interesting, leave a message here or reach me out on Discord: bydlo9216

I'm looking for 4 players of which I currently have 1. I will be the gamemaster leading you through the game. To wrap it up, here are some spoiler-free screenshots of the map:





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