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Discussion and Suggestions: Genetics

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So, I've been playing Genetics on and off as Austin Hunt for a few rounds now, and I've had a few ideas that I'd like to table for discussion.

Because of the things Genetics can do, self-testing has become deeply stigmatized even when it's legitimate. I've seen people argue that it should never be done from an IC perspective, because it's simply too dangerous. A reasonable player can go request permission to self-test easily, and I don't think it would be too difficult to solicit test subjects from the crew at any given time, but the fact of the matter is that Genetics is built on the assumption that players will be tested upon, and more likely than not, that Geneticists will be testing on themselves.

Additionally, because genemod usage on an actual player requires the permission of the Research Director or Captain, it is fairly prohibitive to actually apply the things that you find in a practical way on the station. With the possible exception of bomb testing, there are few other departments that are so blatantly useless to the greater crew. Normal researchers can make improved equipment for various parts of the station and not have to jump through hoops (as far as I'm aware) to deliver them to relevant departments.

So what I'd like to see for Aurora's genetics is two things:

#1: Some sort of way to find non-major genemods/superpowers on protohumans. Maybe have their flavor text set to describe an irregularity in their physiology when they receive certain things, or emote to the room when something major happens.

#2: An IC policy on acceptable usage of genemods based on the genemod's proffered traits and drawbacks, with some being allowable (perhaps based on department/jobs) with no to minimal paperwork once concretely isolated, while others not being legally allowed at all. So for instance:

Morphing and No Fingerprints might be considered highly illegal and not allowed for basically anyone. (Note, a single-shot No Fingerprints injector would make a pretty good high-cost traitor item.)

Regeneration would be legal/allowed for widespread usage.

No Breathing might be encouraged for use in the Engineering department, along with Temperature Resistance. (Although perhaps Temperature Resistance would be prohibited for granting immunity to energy weapons fire?)

In the meantime, something like Hulk would only be allowed with the usual paperwork, and only for testing/research purposes. (Because I want you to seriously imagine the implications of giving Hulk to the entirety of Security, as the only department with any real combat needs.)

And perhaps the usage of too many genemods could have negative psychological or physiological implications, similar to plasmids in Bioshock. (Genetic modification addiction?)

I might have more forthcoming later, but this is more-or-less the gist of my thoughts and suggestions on genetics.

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