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[SCC] Izulikh Mission - After Action Report (29 Jun 2466)

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Stellar Corporate Conglomerate - After Action Report
SCCV Horizon Izulikh Humanitarian Mission - 29 June 2466
Class II Clearance - SCC Personnel Only (Not for Public Consumption)



The Izilukh Humanitarian Mission (henceforth known as the “Mission”) undertaken by the SCCV Horizon was designed to deliver relief aid to the village of Izilukh in the Northern Zazalai Mountains of Moghes. The mission was authorized on 25 June 2466, following reports of severe shortages of food, water, and medical supplies, aimed to alleviate the suffering caused by the Contact War and the ensuing Wasteland conditions and open the area for future developments and revitalization.

Partway through the Mission, however, the Horizon crew was betrayed by the very people they were supposed to be aiding - the retinue and soldiers under Lord Izaku of Mudki - and had to abandon valuable equipment and evacuate. Some crew were tragically killed or lost in the process.


  • Land in Izilukh via shuttle SCCV Apollo.
  • Deliver 20 tons of food supplies.
  • Provide medical aid and establish a temporary clinic.
  • Conduct infrastructure maintenance and repairs.
  • Survey and analyze the local environment.
  • Distribute food aid to the local population.



  • Nralakk Federation personnel have set up a field outpost prior to the Horizon crew’s arrival and were planning to coordinate activities alongside. The field outpost was approx. 140 meters east of SCCV Apollo.
    • No radio contact was made from SCCV Horizon to this outpost beforehand while SCCV Apollo was in transit.
  • Frequent sandstorms approx. 30 minutes after touchdown of SCCV Apollo made travel difficult but were ultimately minor. The weather cleared afterward.
  • The village was walled on three sides and against a mountain on the western end. Abandoned buildings were present outside the walls.
  • The village was governed by Hegemony noble Lord Juyzi Izaku, Lord of Mudki.
  • Locals noted bandits and a figure named “The Old One” that attacked people in the south of the village.
  • The village aquifer was contaminated with a toxin that the research team believed to be small amounts of phoron, presumably from traces of Vaurca blood also found inside the aquifer. Locals and Horizon crew that attempted to drink the water fell ill.
    • The Vaurca blood presence in the well was never further investigated before the flashpoint.



  • Captain - Helena Artigas
  • Executive Officer - Alsina Tau’ha’nor
  • Chief Engineer - Felix Fleeter
  • Chief Medical Officer - Seoyeon Park
  • Head of Security - Cornelius Huizhong
  • Operations Manager - Casey Wildkins
  • Research Director - Sasha Kaiser
  • Security, Blue Leader - Suvek Tokash
  • Security, Red Leader - Keeh Rasi



Times are approximate and indicated in Moghes Central Wasteland Time (CWT).

  • 0940: SCCV Apollo arrives from SCCV Horizon in a clearing outside the village.
  • 1005: Crew briefed by local soldiers. Minor altercation; guns are drawn.
  • 1022: Crew begins to leave 
  • 1028-1031: First sandstorm.
  • 1035: Paramedic informs of dead Federation personnel in the Federation outpost. 
  • 1040-1045: Second sandstorm.
  • 1100: Crew arrives in the village after several members were standing by outside the gate, awaiting entry. Departments set up their respective areas.
  • 1121: Negotiations are complicated by the entry of Horizon personnel into the Federation outpost without Lord Izaku’s permission. 
  • 1130: Locals and some Horizon crew receive medical care after falling ill from contaminated water.
  • 1135: Skrell crewmembers discover a Federation official is still alive. Rescue attempts are made.
  • 1155 (Flashpoint): Diplomacy breaks down. Lord Izaku orders his soldiers to attack the Horizon crew.
  • 1155-1215: Gunfights commence inside the town. Many personnel are injured; several hostiles are killed by Horizon security.
  • 1210: Research team finds Federation survivors captured in a suspected Pre-Contact War underground bunker. Following negotiations, they were released to the Horizon crew.
  • 1215: SCCV Horizon in orbit picks up an armed convoy en route to the village.
  • 1225: Evacuation order is given to Horizon crew. Mining personnel clear a tunnel for the crew to go through.
  • 1235-1240: SCCV Apollo launches with most crew. Some leave the shuttle before takeoff and are abandoned on the surface; see MIA and KIA personnel.


Description of Events

Throughout the duration of the Mission to the village, the Horizon crew encountered consistently belligerent and unfriendly behavior from the guards and soldiers assigned to them by Lord Izaku. Despite this, the crew remained to set up aid facilities such as a clinic for medical care and a canteen for food distribution, both of which were used by the local villagers, albeit lightly.

Shortly after touching down, Horizon crew discovered the Federation outpost and its inhabitants to be dead; violently killed in some capacity. This was initially blamed on bandits; however Horizon crew began to suspect the guards after attempting to press for more information.

Horizon leadership had been negotiating with ground forces for a long time, especially in regards to requesting intelligence for troubling matters such as the Outpost, as well as the medical staff's discovery of dead bodies of villagers inside the clinic.

At the flashpoint (see Timeline above), Lord Izaku's soldiers betray the Horizon and attack personnel, presumably under the order of Izaku himself. Soldiers are declared hostile (mistakenly identified as "Hegemony" soldiers) and they attack the village, after which gunfire is exchanged inside the village walls between the hostile soldiers and Horizon security. Several hostiles are killed (see below) before hostiles receive a reinforcement via armed convoy. The convoy is picked up by the SCCV Horizon in orbit and, following an exchange of orders, an evacuation order is given to leave the village and the planet before the reinforcements arrive.

The operations team excavates a path through the mountain for Horizon crew to exit the village through and enter the SCCV Apollo. A trail is marked by flares and personnel are escorted out by security, with medical personnel being among the last to leave due to having patients in tow. The SCCV Apollo takes off approx. 11 minutes after evacuation, leaving 4 crewmembers behind.

Prior to the evacuation, Horizon crew rescued one Federation worker from the outpost, Qixqil Xuqzix, who was successfully extracted and returned to the Horizon.


  • 3 SCCV Horizon crew killed, 1 missing, 15+ wounded
    • Clarity Beck, Security Officer (PMCG), deceased
    • Chandler Kovacevic, Scientist (Nanotrasen), deceased
    • Zofia Warzyszczak, Machinist (Hephaestus) , deceased
    • Eris Wyvis, Xenoarchaeologist (Zeng-Hu), missing in action
  • 4+ Izaku soldiers KIA
  • 7+ Nralakk Federation aid personnel KIA
  • 12+ local villagers found dead, unknown cause

Hegemony intelligence confirmed visuals on the bodies of Kovacevic, Warzyszczak, and Beck onsite at the cave the Horizon crew used to evacuate from the village. A body was never found for Wyvis; presumed missing.

Damage Assessment

  • Near 90% loss of delivered supplies.
  • Significant damage to village infrastructure.
  • Approx. 31.5 million BSC in lost investments.
  • Catastrophic failure of humanitarian mission.

Personnel Investigation

Central Command Internal Affairs:

  • CCIA found no egregious issues with the handling and decision-making of the leadership personnel present at the time, at least with the intelligence they were provided.
  • The betrayal by local forces was unprecedented and CCIA commends the Horizon crew for responding accordingly.
  • We believe that the decision to press and investigate the Nralakk Federation outpost was the breaking point that led to casualties. While this situation could have had a better outcome, CCIA stands with the decision to press on investigating the reasons behind the outpost’s fate.
  • Investigations for the evacuation found that communication during the latter stages and before the SCCV Apollo's takeoff could have been better.
  • All SCC employee losses occurred during the chaotic evacuation. No losses were observed during the attack on the village or other flashpoints during the mission.
    • Clarity Beck and Chandler Kovacevic were killed fighting the hostiles during the evacuation.
    • Eris Wyvis vanished inside the evacuation tunnel. Radio contact was lost and no body was found.
    • Zofia Warzyszczak was lost and later found dead after leaving the SCCV Apollo as it was about to take off.

Liaison Recommendations

Liaisons and representatives from the main SCC corporations most involved in the Mission have put forward recommendations to minimize the likelihood of similar incidents occurring again over the course of the humanitarian aid program to Moghes.

SCC Central Command

Reps. Cyrine Utsubeyoshi & Rowan Atagrande, SCC Tau Ceti

  • More comprehensive intelligence analyses of away sites for SCCV Horizon.
  • More thorough evaluation of assigned foreign security personnel groundside.

Hephaestus Industries

Reps. Zsuka Tsa’kalar & Jovin Sinclair, Hephaestus Skalamar

  • Overall humanitarian program remains unchanged. Details must be revised.
  • Reevaluation of the Moghes humanitarian mission strategies and planning.
  • More thorough assessment of local leadership and loyalty to Hegemony / friendliness with SCC.
  • Advance teams by Hephaestus-aligned Unathi guild members to scout prospective areas.
  • Comprehensive reevaluation of sites selected for humanitarian programs.

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals

Rep. Wrukshel Jruzhrl, Zeng-Hu Nralakk Division

  • SCC must establish more advance contact with Nralakk Division personnel sent as forward teams in away sites.
  • Enhanced security and communication for personnel.


The Izilukh Humanitarian Mission resulted in a tragic loss of life and complete failure to deliver much-needed aid to Izilukh, the Village instead being severely damaged during the fight between Horizon personnel and Izaku's soldiers. Affiliated groups must address identified shortcomings to prevent future incidents and ensure the safety of the Horizon's personnel and the success of its missions. Thorough assessment of local leadership is necessary to gauge loyalty and relationships with SCC personnel.

Immediate review and implementation of recommendations are imperative to restore operational integrity and trust in humanitarian efforts from both the international community and from stakeholders.



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