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Cargo and mining changes, new use/need for plasma production

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I think that mining and cargo needs to be changed as to be needed more by the station than it currently is, and by this I am suggesting that we get rid of the supply point system entirely and redesign the cargo shuttle. So to replace both these things I think that cargo should be made into a production facility that uses plasma for many of the items they will produce (suggestions?) ,and I think that in place of the current shuttle there should be a sort of emergency supply dock to deliver things like riot team supplies for example. Now for mining, I think its a little on the boring side and not very dangerous out there on the rock, yet we have hardsuits that we apparently made to counter either alien life as seen on some other servers or rocks burying us, so I am suggesting that we implement the possibility of cave-ins and some alien life that could come with the idea of capturing for research purposes. I also was thinking of having a specific and semi-hazardous refining process for plasma seeing as the material is mostly unstable, that if not done carefully could result in radiation leaks, ion pulses, small fires, and general loss of plasma ore.

As for the suggested production lines in cargo I think we should either get rid of chemistry or nerf the medicines they can make drastically and add side effects, as all it takes to make potent healing chems is the charge in dispensers. The production lines should be able to make medkits with meds close to the healing power of the meds our current medbay has at the start of the round using plasma. I also think that with this research levels should unlock more items for production for advanced engineering, security, and medical equipment. I also think that we should add resource intensive powered hardsuits with features for the different departments, somewhat like the suit control modules from other servers, except that these ones can be built for regular engineers and other non-head staff. I also think that a basic exoskeleton should be available to build for the rest of the crew that increases speed slightly and has limited inventory space.

This will have some flaws in it and will need to be worked on to make sure things are balanced out if the coders deem it a viable idea..Especially when it comes to making the fight fair for antagonists.

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