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[27MAY2457] Incident Report - Winston Carton

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Reporting Personnel: Walter Brooks

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Detective

Personnel Involved: Walter Brooks, Winston Carton, Anna Lee, IAM, Terrence Frank

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident: Security Lobby/Front Desk

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty []Harassment [X]Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: Me, Winston Carton and Anna Lee were conversing. Forensic Technician IAM has a recording of our conversation prior to the assault. I stood outside the security front desk. I mistakenly believed that Carton's surname was Carlton. He asked me to call him Carton one more time. Finishing a sentence, I called him Carlton. He exited the front desk and flashed me, thereafter retreating to it. An argument followed and I told him I would file an incident report. Shortly before the flashing, IAA Terrence Frank came into view from the hallway, witnessing the scene. An argument, again, followed. Carton, knowing that I had began recording our conversation, continued to maintain that I threatened him. Shortly after this, IAM chimed in over the radio to say that it is not in my nature to threaten anyone. The argument continued as I tried to get Carton to admit that he was lying. Carton continually insisted that I had, with Warden Anna Lee watching. He smirked several times after insisting and his tone of voice should be taken into account. At one point, both Anna Lee and Carton threatened me, implying they would attack me with a baton if I continued to record them. I left shortly after.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: IAA Terrence Frank

Additional notes: It should be noted that Warden Anna Lee had been sitting with Officer Carton for an unknown period before the assault and continued to support him afterwards. She is likely to be extremely biased in his favors.

Attached below are the recordings along with a copy of Forensic Technician IAM's recording.


Walter Brooks says, "Alright."

Walter Brooks says, "Jade is.."

Boris Karamazov says, "Ah, robotic."

Walter Brooks says, "In a way that isn't offensive.."

Anna Lee says, "A I shouldnt say this."

Anna Lee says, "I know."

Walter Brooks says, "A womanchild."

Walter Brooks says, "Uh, wow.."

Walter Brooks says, "Carlton, whoa."

Walter Brooks says, "Didn't expect you to be that kinda guy."

Walter Brooks asks, "That's his name, isn't it?"

Walter Brooks says, "Carlton! Seriously, just.."

Walter Brooks exclaims, "Carton?!"

Walter Brooks says, "Whoa, whoa.."

Walter Brooks says, "Calm do-"

Walter Brooks exclaims, "Jesus!"

Walter Brooks exclaims, "/Carton/ just flashed me!"

Walter Brooks says, "You're.."

Walter Brooks says, "That's assault."

Walter Brooks asks, "Yes, and?"

Walter Brooks says, "The IAA saw tha."

The above is an transcript of the audio I was witness to leading up to, and into, the minor assault of Detective Walter Brooks at the hands of Officer Winston Carton. Based on this audio information, I believe that all claims of threats against Mr. Carton's person are likely incorrect.

IAM, Forensic Technician


[00:00] Recording started.

[00:03] Walter Brooks shouts, "Carton!"

[00:05] Walter Brooks shouts, "Carton!"

[00:07] Walter Brooks asks, "Are you really lying?"

[00:11] Walter Brooks says, "Come on, don't be like that."

[00:34] Winston Carton says, "Brooks if you get near me I will arrest you as you just threatened me just moments ago."

[00:37] Walter Brooks says, "Seriously."

[00:41] Walter Brooks asks, "You're lying, now?"

[00:59] Winston Carton asks, "Lying? Why would I lie?"

[01:04] Walter Brooks says, "Carton."

[01:05] Walter Brooks says, "Seriously."

[01:29] Walter Brooks asks, "Just say you're lying, okay?"

[01:34] Winston Carton says, "Im not."

[01:35] Walter Brooks says, "Then I won't press charges."

[01:38] Walter Brooks says, "IAA."

[01:42] Terrence Frank says, "this is holding up security's operations."

[01:45] Terrence Frank says, "sort it out."

[01:58] Walter Brooks says, "Fne."

[02:02] Anna Lee says, "There are no operations underway."

[02:06] Walter Brooks says, "Carton, just tell Frank I didn't threaten you."

[02:19] Winston Carton says, "Alright. If you don't fill out a report."

[02:22] Walter Brooks says, "Okay, fine."

[02:25] Walter Brooks says, "I won't file a report."

[02:30] Winston Carton says, "He didn't threaten me. But he did just bribe me."

[02:34] Walter Brooks exclaims, "Bribe you?!"

[02:48] Walter Brooks asks, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

[02:52] Winston Carton says, "You are doing a action for me so I won't do my job."

[02:57] Walter Brooks asks, "A.. what?"

[03:00] Walter Brooks asks, "What the hell are you talking about?"

[03:11] Phobos exclaims, "CONFUSION!!"

[03:11] Winston Carton asks, "You are not going to fill out a report so that I will tell the IAA a lie, are you not?"

[03:19] Walter Brooks says, "You're the liar."

[03:22] Walter Brooks says, "You said I threatened you."

[03:23] Tanja Kurita asks, "Oi, what happened to the crossbow frame, anyway?"

[03:28] Anna Lee says, "We may have an operation soon enough."

[03:29] Phobos exclaims, "HRRNGHRNGNH!"

[03:40] Winston Carton says, "Phobos please escort Brooks from the area."

[03:43] Walter Brooks says, "Don't, Phobos."

[03:51] Walter Brooks says, "Tanja, Carton /flashed/ me for mispronouncing his name."

[04:02] Walter Brooks shouts, "Arm! Arm!"

[04:05] Phobos yells, "Hug it out!"

[04:07] Phobos exclaims, "Hug!"

[04:09] Phobos exclaims, "It!"

[04:10] Walter Brooks exclaims, "No, no!"

[04:10] Phobos exclaims, "Out!"

[04:13] Walter Brooks exclaims, "I will NOT hug it out!"

[04:24] Anna Lee says, "I'm feeling unsafe in my general area."

[04:25] Phobos yells, "No!"

[04:26] Walter Brooks exclaims, "Fuck!"

[04:29] Walter Brooks yells, "Tanja!"

[04:31] Anna Lee says, "If it doesn't end I will be forced to defend myself."

[04:32] Walter Brooks shouts, "You saw that, right?!"

[04:39] Walter Brooks exclaims, "You did it again!"

[04:40] Winston Carton says, "Safety first."

[04:41] Walter Brooks yells, "You flashed me!"

[04:52] Walter Brooks says, "/ThankyouPhobospleasestop./"

[04:54] Phobos shouts, "AFfection!"

[04:57] Anna Lee says, "... Mm."

[04:57] Walter Brooks says, "Tanja."

[04:58] Phobos shouts, "Friendship!"

[05:03] Winston Carton says, "Yes. Friendship."

[05:05] Tanja Kurita says, "Yeah, I saw that."

[05:07] Phobos asks, "Yes?"

[05:08] Phobos says, "Yes."

[05:15] Walter Brooks asks, "You saw that he flashed me after Phobos forced a hug?"

[05:17] Phobos says, "..Friendship."

[05:21] Tanja Kurita says, "I did."

[05:23] Walter Brooks says, "Okay.."

[05:29] Anna Lee says, "Appreciated for ending that altercation that caused me physical discomfort."

[05:29] Walter Brooks says, "Can't believe this."

[05:30] Winston Carton says, "Maybe if you didn't threaten me before I wouldn't be so nervous with you near me."

[05:35] Walter Brooks says, "I didn't threaten you."

[05:36] Marcus Bailey asks, "Something wrong?"

[05:37] Walter Brooks says, "Admit it."

[05:41] Phobos says, "...Friendship."

[05:49] Marcus Bailey asks, "Hey, what's wrong?"

[05:52] Walter Brooks asks, "Why the hell do you keep lying..?"

[06:07] Winston Carton says, "Why would I lie about you threatening me Brooks? I liked you, and you hurt me."

[06:09] Winston Carton says, "Im heartbroken."

[06:12] Walter Brooks says, "We never met before."

[06:17] Walter Brooks says, "This is my first shift with you."

[06:23] Anna Lee says, "I rem-"

[06:24] Marcus Bailey asks, "what the?"

[06:28] Walter Brooks says, "Ending this recording."

[06:29] Tanja Kurita says, "Howdy."

[06:30] Walter Brooks says, "Got that all on tape."

[06:34] Unknown says, "ahh there we go"

[06:37] Recording stopped.

[06:37] Recording started.

[06:40] Unknown asks, "err hello?"

[06:41] Recording stopped.


[00:00] Recording started.

[00:02] Winston Carton says, "With Magic Jack over there."

[00:02] Walter Brooks says, "Okay."

[00:05] Marcus Bailey says, "Ah...."

[00:07] Walter Brooks asks, "Why shouldn't I write it?"

[00:13] Walter Brooks says, "You flashed me twice."

[00:25] Marcus Bailey asks, "why arent you wearing sunglasses?"

[00:40] Anna Lee says, "Because there's no sun."

[00:44] Winston Carton says, "Because then I have to explain how you threatened me and how I felt threatened and then we have to have a giant investigation, a process which I know very well."

[00:52] Unknown says, "SCYAR NILA CAFETERIA"

[00:52] Walter Brooks asks, "Why do you keep smirking?"

[00:53] Marcus Bailey says, "....we have them to stop flashes"

[00:54] Walter Brooks asks, "Seriously?"

[01:02] Walter Brooks asks, "Seriously. Why are you smirking?"

[01:06] Marcus Bailey says, "I'm leaving...."

[01:14] Anna Lee says, "If he had sunglasses then it would resort to batons."

[01:25] Anna Lee says, ".. And we don't want hat."

[01:29] Walter Brooks says, "Don't look at me like that."

[01:29] Winston Carton asks, "Do we?"

[01:37] Walter Brooks says, "What th-"

[01:43] Walter Brooks says, "I can't believe this."

[01:55] Walter Brooks asks, "Why do you keep smirking at me, Carton?"

[02:02] Winston Carton says, "Lee's joke about there being no sun."

[02:12] Sslazhir Yinzr says, "And I will be the bossss."

[02:13] Winston Carton says, "Also, we are aware you are recording us."

[02:14] Jade Rathel asks, "How does that not look weird to you?"

[02:18] Anna Lee says, "I'm not wrong."

[02:21] Walter Brooks says, "I'm not."

[02:27] Walter Brooks says, "I can start, if you want."

[02:43] Winston Carton says, "Brooks. Feel free to leave anytime and just give up on writing that report."

[02:48] Walter Brooks asks, "Why should I?"

[02:48] Winston Carton says, "It will make things much easier."

[02:56] Boris Karamazov says, "He did the same"

[02:56] Walter Brooks says, "I've got you."

[03:01] Boris Karamazov says, "I was hurt too, if he wasnt a weak shit"

[03:03] Walter Brooks says, "I have witnesses and everything."

[03:05] Boris Karamazov says, "We both wernt using gloves"

[03:08] Marcus Bailey says, "Warden, this one was punching the shit out of a guy named Antler"

[03:09] Boris Karamazov says, "Didja see the broken window"

[03:09] Anna Lee says, "Looks like there is a prisoner to process."

[03:11] Boris Karamazov says, "That was him"

[03:18] Anna Lee says, "What's his charge."

[03:19] Boris Karamazov says, "Hes the one who smashed my head into the window till it broke"

[03:25] Winston Carton says, "I have witnesses too."

[03:27] Marcus Bailey says, "Minor assault I beleive it would be"

[03:31] Anna Lee says, "You believe."

[03:32] Winston Carton says, "Im not worried about you Brooks."

[03:33] Marcus Bailey says, "he was beating the shit out a guy named antler"

[03:33] Anna Lee says, "What did he do."

[03:34] Walter Brooks says, "You've got Anna, your friend."

[03:40] Anna Lee says, "We're not friends."

[03:41] Boris Karamazov says, "Great, ignore the fact that he started it"

[03:42] Marcus Bailey says, "It's either minor assault or assault"

[03:44] Walter Brooks says, "You are."

[03:45] Boris Karamazov says, "He took his gloves off first"

[03:46] Winston Carton says, "Co-worker."

[03:51] Winston Carton says, "Boss actually."

[03:54] Anna Lee says, "Well, what did he do, Bailey."

[03:54] Walter Brooks asks, "Guess she wouldn't lie to defend you, then?"

[03:56] Marcus Bailey says, "I walked in, you two were talking and then you started punching the shit out of him"

[03:56] Anna Lee says, "Describe it to me."

[04:04] Boris Karamazov says, "Oh whatever, yal tell me when you wanna listen"

[04:09] Anna Lee says, "How badly was the man injured."

[04:09] Boris Karamazov says, "Great workin with ya"

[04:09] Winston Carton says, "Of course not, and why would I lie about you threatening me Brooks."

[04:16] Walter Brooks says, "Screw this."

[04:19] Marcus Bailey says, "I walked into the holodeck and find this jackoff charge Antler and start beating the shit out of him"

[04:26] Boris Karamazov says, "He was as bad as me, except im human so I got better"

[04:27] Anna Lee says, "..In the holodeck."

[04:33] Marcus Bailey says, "They werent wearing gloves"

[04:34] Winston Carton says, "Truly, just dropping it now would be the best course of action."

[04:35] Walter Brooks says, "You know, Winston."

[04:39] Anna Lee says, "Mm."

[04:40] Anna Lee says, "Roger."

[04:43] Walter Brooks says, "We can always have the AI play back what happened this shift."

[04:47] Marcus Bailey says, "If they were wearing gloves it would be different"

[04:49] Anna Lee says, "Minor assault, unless the victim sustained significant damage."

[04:49] Boris Karamazov says, "Yes do that"

[04:51] Winston Carton says, "Of course."

[04:53] Walter Brooks says, "It's all being recorded on these cameras."

[04:56] Anna Lee says, "Did he."

[04:59] Winston Carton says, "Im well aware."

[05:04] Marcus Bailey says, "Nothing too serious from the looks of it"

[05:09] Walter Brooks says, "Right, then they'll find out that I never threatened you."

[05:11] Anna Lee says, "Right. Minor assault."

[05:12] Winston Carton asks, "See that though?"

[05:16] Walter Brooks asks, "See what?"

[05:18] Walter Brooks asks, "The air alarm?"

[05:21] Winston Carton says, "The wall."

[05:24] Winston Carton says, "You were standing behind that."

[05:24] Walter Brooks says, "Uh, yeah."

[05:27] Janna Blade says, "told him to stop fighting oh well"

[05:39] Walter Brooks says, "Uh.."

[05:45] Walter Brooks asks, "Can I see that?"

[05:53] Walter Brooks says, "I'm not allowed, actually."

[06:05] Walter Brooks says, "Carton."

[06:09] Walter Brooks says, "Come on.."

[06:20] Winston Carton says, "Just drop it. Ill tell people you didn't threaten me."

[06:27] Walter Brooks says, "No, I'm not dropping it."

[06:42] Walter Brooks says, "Seriously, Carton."

[06:43] Winston Carton says, "Then I guess Ill be force to pressed charges."

[06:44] Walter Brooks says, "This is childish."

[06:54] Walter Brooks asks, "Press charges?"

[06:55] Winston Carton says, "Its childish that you continue to harass me over this."

[07:01] Walter Brooks says, "I'm not harassing you."

[07:20] Walter Brooks says, "Anna's biased."

[07:23] Walter Brooks says, "You've been sitting together all shift."

[07:24] Anna Lee says, "Carton."

[07:28] Winston Carton asks, "?"

[07:28] Walter Brooks says, "Any DO would throw her out as a witness."

[07:31] Winston Carton asks, "Yes?"

[07:32] Anna Lee says, "Do you wish this man to stop speaking to you about this."

[07:37] Winston Carton says, "Yes please."

[07:37] Walter Brooks says, "Whatever."

[07:38] Walter Brooks says, "I'm leaving."

[08:13] Walter Brooks says, "You're plenty biased. If you lie on an incident report you'll be fired."

[08:21] Walter Brooks says, "I can't beleive thi.."

[08:32] Recording stopped.

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