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Incident Report 5/26/2457 - Ana Roh'hi'tin

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Reporting Personnel: IAM

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Warden

Personnel Involved: Protective Detail Paladin, Station Engineer [REDACTED], Bartender Daryl Jackson, Chef Rozhad Alakiv, Security Officer Ana Roh'hi'tin, Security Officer Milo Hatchert, Security Officer [REDACTED], Security Officer Marlowe Falkon

Time of Incident: Between 13:50 and 14:23 station time, 5-26-2457. (OOC: 7:50 to 8:25 CST on the 26th of May.)

Location of Incident: Security Department/Security Comms

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: (General description of the incident, to include as much detail as is deemed necessary)


As a result of the aforementioned events, I (IAM) was forced to respond to a call that Bartender Daryl Jackson was acting in a threatening manner towards Chef Rozhad Alakiv. I found Alakiv departing the scene towards medbay with possible minor injuries, and the Bartender in the kitchen. After verifying that Alakiv had arrived in medbay with injuries, I ordered Mr. Jackson to climb back over the counter and get down on the floor for arrest on a charge of trespass.

Mr. Jackson resisted, and I was tied up with the effort of subduing him for some time. After he was apprehended, he was taken to medbay for injuries -- possibly sustained as a result of self-defense on the part of Alakiv, this was never clarified to me -- and ultimately held for quite some time to repair liver damage. I was therefore present when Station Engineer [REDACTED] began attempting to flush the Chief Medical Officer into disposals, and aided in her arrest. Soon after, Jackson recovered and ran around medbay attempting to evade me in cuffs.

I was forced to pass Station Engineer [REDACTED] off on Protective Detail Paladin so that I could take custody of Mr. Jackson.

I proceeded to the holding room, where I searched Mr. Jackson pending imprisonment for charges of Trespassing, Resisting Arrest, and ultimately Contraband as well. Here, I erred. I discovered that he had a shotgun on his person, and left it sitting on the floor of the holding cell while I went to put him in a proper brig cell. Ana Roh'hi'tin discovered this, and rightly berated me for it. However, she continued to berate me, and the entirety of security at length, for the entirety of the shift.

My primary complaint is concerning Roh'hi'tin's dreadful treatment of her co-workers, particularly myself, and overall attitude. An audio log and transcript from my memory banks has been included with this complaint.

Other Audio Log Excerpts related to Ana Ro'hi'tin from the rest of the shift. Note, hostility was often mutual between Ro'hi'tin and conversation partners, and I have attempted to exclude constructive criticism such as that aimed at my "shotgun" mistake, and the mistake of allowing prisoner [REDACTED] to retain a full toolset in solitary confinement:


Ana Roh'hi'tin [145.9] says, "Did IQs just drrrop sharrrply while she was away."

Marlowe Falkon [145.9] says, "No, they dropped because you came back."

Ati Samir [145.9] asks, "They werre high beforre?"

Azeazekal Karnaikai [145.9] says, "It'sss Rathel number two, everyone."

Marlowe Falkon [145.9] says, "I /am/ Jade, moron."

Marlowe Falkon [145.9] says, "Some asshole made me this idiot."

Emma Rowley [145.9] says, "This comm channel is giving me a headache."

Azeazekal Karnaikai [145.9] says, "Pffff."

Azeazekal Karnaikai [145.9] says, "Yeah right."

Ana Roh'hi'tin [145.9] says, "You alrrready werrre an idiot."


Ana Roh'hi'tin [security] says, "Hope you arrre happy captain. Moment we opened the cell she bumrrrushed us."

Gaelynn MacCambridge [security] asks, "Is anyone injured?"

Scorpio [security] says, "She is."

Konstantin Wolfe [security] asks, "What happened?"

Ana Roh'hi'tin [security] says, "She got a weapon and shot at us."

IAM LOG NOTE: After the first incident I posted Beepsky outside of the prisoner's cell. If it had been used, this incident would not have occurred. Hindsight is perfect, of course, but I feel a need to include this criticism considering Roh'hi'tin's harsh treatment of the rest of the team.


Ana Roh'hi'tin [145.9] says, "MEDICAL. She /will/ arrrrest everry fucking one of you cock-sucking medschool drrropouts."

Ati Samir [145.9] asks, "Excuse him?"

David Collins [145.9] says, "You call for a medic but no one is there to let me THE FUCK IN."


In all, I find Officer Roh'hi'tin's conduct to be excessively hostile. While she is usually correct in her frustrations to some measure, her open contempt for others makes things more difficult and incites reactionary social hostility in the crew around her.


Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: Negative. There was too much going on at the time to warrant diverting energy to socially inappropriate behavior.

Additional notes:

OOC: [REDACTED] represents Lauren Blade, who was an antag and therefore should not be considered "canon" for this round.

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